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  • Duth Olec 已評論,

    I was not aware of the ability to change the hex values for Discord's colors as KiCkJr mentioned and I am now having fun making my Discord blue and pink so I extremely back the idea of letting peop...

  • Duth Olec 已評論,

    I don't want to actually downvote this because if some people like the new light theme then they should have that option, but I still hate this more than any theme change anywhere I've ever seen. F...

  • Duth Olec 已評論,

    It's better than the new light theme. I still prefer the old one but I'm sure they could just have a chocolate/vanilla swirl theme that sticks with the old one.

  • Duth Olec 已評論,

    Allow me to add to this by saying that any notification from a role as opposed to one directly to you should be a different color. Then if you see a big notification in another channel, instead of ...