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  • Search or filter the user list for a specific user

    For large servers with more than 500 or 50000 users it is no fun to scroll through the 500 / 50000 users until you get to the user you want to click on. It would be userful if you had a filter at t...

  • myself always first on the chat list!

    Why you wanna be the first at the chat list? Let's say I joined a server with 50000 members. And I wanna know what roles I have. What do I need to do. I need to scroll through the 50000 members lis...

  • [privacy] Verification level for DMs

    I would like to set a verification level so only people with verified email and/or verified phone number can DM me. Similar to the server settings verification, but for the user personally. That wo...

  • give the discord newsletter it's own mail address

    To allow users to filter the Discord Newsletter, it should be easy to identify the newsletter. Please give the Discord newsletter its own email address like: "newsletter@discord.com". For example, ...