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Muffinlord 的最新活動
  • Muffinlord 已評論,

    This still exists and it got actively downvoted... Not every website uses discord's markup. If discord is creating the embeds on the fly then it shouldn't be applying it's own markup rules to the t...

  • Muffinlord 已評論,

    For anyone looking for a way to make spoilers show by default, it has been added under the Text & Images section on desktop. Currently not on Android, don't know about IOS but doubt it.

  • Muffinlord 已評論,

    So my suggestion for the client side option to show all spoilers by default was claimed to be a duplicate of this and closed.

  • Muffinlord 已建立貼文,

    Disable markup in embeds that discord creates from urls

    Discord should not be reading a websites text and parsing it through the markup engine. The text that is being found on the page is plain text and so it should be shown like that. A good example of...