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Eevee 的最新活動
  • Eevee 已建立貼文,

    Private Scheduled Events Based on Roles or Channel Permissions

    I'd love the ability to set up private events that only certain roles or users can see on the server. Currently, we can set events to take place in private channels, but everyone on the server can ...

  • Eevee 已建立貼文,

    Channel Moderators

    It would be great if you could assign specific roles that are channel-specific and only apply to one channel. That way, you could designate a channel moderator, where they have complete control ove...

  • Eevee 已評論,

    @Sir Fritz - Thanks for the response. I am aware of the /me command, but as a clarification, if I have multiple characters (mostly for RPing purposes), I'd want to do like "/tammy <message>" prints...

  • Eevee 已評論,

    I agree, this would be a great feature! As someone coming from mIRC, I would love the ability to do something simple like typing /name "text here" and it would output something like <Name> text her...

  • Eevee 已評論,

    This is a feature I've been wanting for a long time! I have some servers I use for work and I'd like to appear Online to those servers during work hours, and on Do Not Disturb or Invisible to all o...