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Joseph 的最新活動
  • Joseph 已評論,

    Items like that are expensive to ship overseas, for me to ship a 1 pound box to my friend using USPS, was $36.00 so I understand why they may not ship to every place, never know they might set some...

  • Joseph 已評論,

    That sounds like a cool Idea, then discord can make some moola, and help build up their stuff.

  • Joseph 已評論,

    I don't know, it could mean that, but discord never told anyone what they mean on that opion

  • Joseph 已評論,

    I understand were you going with this, but that would defeat the point of 2fa its made so no one except who has the code can get into the account

  • Joseph 已評論,

    Never thought of that, that would be awsome to add as well, I know in its current status it does well for 4 hours and 30 min option but i seem to have problems with the clear tomorrow option figure...

  • Joseph 已建立貼文,

    Reuse custom status on certain days.

     I like to make my status a certain thing on Sunday and thought it would be cool to have a check box where you could check what days you reuse your status and discord keep track of the ones you wan...