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Bahamut731lp 的最新活動
  • Bahamut731lp 已評論,

    It still depends on how the animations are implemented. If they're animating the properties that are triggering repaint or layout recalculation, disabling them could actually boost the performance....

  • Bahamut731lp 已評論,

    I'm not sure it making is "less pretty" is going to help anything. The CPU and RAM usage is caused by the Chromium running as base for the whole program. Not by the design itself.

  • Bahamut731lp 已建立貼文,

    Option to show the game stream (in channel / on server) window as picture in picture?

    It could be useful when playing some tactical game to see the leader's POV as small window in the corner.Edit: This feature is meant as PiP on desktop outside of the discord app. I.e. when I'm in g...