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  • I would love this as well, or at least prioritize spotify over games/let the user prioritize programs. But I imagine that this will be hard to implement for the devs, since a status is a singular p...

  • I think the user-side setting to allow/disallow non-friend users to pm is enough. This way, you could block communicating users independently of your server. also what would the system do if they a...

  • Yes true. Now we at least have a button in the context menu for quoting, it's still not enough, but I guess they are actively working on it now..

  • Yea that petition does nothing more than splitting up the votes again. These ideas are kinda like petitions for Discord.. Just ideas where people can vote what they would like to happen.

  • @tally.bookman there were conversations from devs from long ago on Reddit where they told that e.g. search will be a requirement before quoting will be done, together with some other feature which ...

  • How is this still not a thing?On Reddit an employee wrote 2 years ago that it is high on their priority list and pins were a major milestone for it..