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FireController#1847 的最新活動
  • FireController#1847 已建立貼文,

    Uncompressed Image Previews for Nitro Subscribers

    Recently Discord started to compress image previews when clicking on them, which is a massive downside since most people do not open images from the link yet still want to see full quality. This is...

  • FireController#1847 已評論,

    This feedback doesn't have enough love

  • FireController#1847 已評論,

    Now the fact they don't listen to feedback is at least one thing we can agree on haha. But yeah, even 5 times per 20 seconds is far more than this topic updating, 2 times per 10 minutes versus 5 ti...

  • FireController#1847 已評論,

    Which is why I agree there definitely should be a limit - but why is this particular limit so big? One per minute doesn't seem excessively big, and there's a variety of other things in Discord that...

  • FireController#1847 已評論,

    I don't understand what the issue is with updating the topic for things like server statuses? It's a very good place to provide information for the server and is a quick and easy place to glance ba...

  • FireController#1847 已評論,

    Would love to see this implemented! :D

  • FireController#1847 已建立貼文,

    [Canary] The new chat update should have its own mode

    I originally posted this in Discord Testers, but I was told to post it here, so here I am. It's a moderately sized review of the new redesign of the chat.Coming into this with an open mind is, obvi...