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Igno 的最新活動
  • Igno 已建立貼文,

    Custom tags (ie., name#tag) should persist after Nitro subscriptions run out.

    If nothing else, they should persist until a current Nitro sub with your exact name wants your exact number. I feel like having subscribed to Nitro for any length of time is enough to allow users t...

  • Igno 已評論,

    Honestly I think it would be cool if you could just fill in a field for the site name, your username on that site, and a link to your profile on that site. That way, it could fetch the favicon of t...

  • Igno 已評論,

    It would also be nice if they could expand the colorblind mode to affect role colors and maybe (not sure how this would work) to images posted in chats (maybe via overlays? would probably be wonky ...

  • Igno 已評論,

    Yes this would be awesome! This isn't an original idea, but it would also be nice to see splash screens that could be edited by server staff for rules and announcements and stuff that could be acce...

  • Igno 已評論,

    Yes and it would also help filter NSFW stuff as well. Maybe it would be nice to be able to customize the "spoiler" tag overlaid on images that are spoilered? So instead of saying "Spoiler," you cou...