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  • VivaLaRobo 已評論,

    Some people have threads already? How do I get it on my server? I've been waiting for YEARS

  • VivaLaRobo 已評論,

    Still waiting on this feature for like 5 year now lmao. What a joke. Add threaded messages already, this is supposed to be a professional messaging app?

  • VivaLaRobo 已建立貼文,

    Threaded Messages 2020

    Discord needs threaded messages like Slack. With the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic forcing millions of people to work from home, many PAYING companies are looking at Discord as a potential new service to ...

  • VivaLaRobo 已評論,

    Please add this

  • VivaLaRobo 已評論,

    Please add threaded messages. This thread is over a year old and no response from Discord. Threaded messages would make this a 10/10 messaging/voice server app