I just play games and try to make the internet safer

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  • While this is kind of already doable via permissions (for example, you could just restrict the "everyone" role from sending messages), this would be a nice moderation feature. Maybe an extension of...

  • A few things. First, the suggestion that “very few” users benefit from the distinction is an assumption, and an incorrect one. This idea of a change being “forced” simply because it doesn’t feel ne...

  • While it may be hard to adjust to, the change was definitely not done "just for the sake of changing it." Accessibility is a focal point of any thought out design, and making it standard rather tha...

  • No, I'm not saying that at all. Role colors have function, as they differentiate users with different permissions/roles/whatever. But changing all text to clashy colors could be abused pretty easil...

  • I see this being pretty hard on the eyes, both for users with vision impairments and in general. I guess I don't know what benefit having all the text in color would be.

  • That is true, but I guess the idea is that if you're going to get merch with your name on it, it's probably because that's the name you go by most and don't plan to change it