I just play games and try to make the internet safer

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  • Folder Icons

    Now that we have folders, I think it’d be cool if we could have a few icons to choose from (instead of just a folder image), or have the ability to upload our own folder icon.

  • Ability to add username/tag to merch

    I’m not sure how the production process of Discord merch is set up, but if it’s in a way that could easily implement the option of having your name printed on items for a slight up-charge I think p...

  • (Ugly) Holiday Sweaters

    As the title suggests, I think holiday sweaters could be adorable merch for the season. Patterns of Wumpus and friends would be super cute.

  • In app notifications while watching Go Live streams


    In its current state, mobile users have no way of knowing if they’ve received notifications while watching Go Live streams. I think it should give a notification icon somewhere on screen. 

  • Dm Chat Naming

    I saw this function on Facebook Messenger, and I think it’d be a fun addition to Discord. In the same way that you can change a group dm name, you can change the name of a dm with an individual. Bo...