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Pascal 的最新活動
  • Pascal 已評論,

    It would be indeed a good option to have a toogle to disable fullscreen calls and only show a notification for it (maybe also a second toogle to only allow fullscreen calls for friends). But the ba...

  • Pascal 已評論,

    @Vanished I doubt that is true because there are several apps that do that too. For example Skype uses their own emojis.

  • Pascal 已評論,

    I agree with TellowKrinkle, that would be the best solution for it. That is much more convenient behavior.

  • Pascal 已建立貼文,

    [iOS] Hide Home Indicator when viewing images and videos in fullscreen

    At the moment the Home Indicator for iPhone X and iPad Pro devices will always be shown in the Discord app. There should be one exception where it would be a good idea to hide it: viewing images an...