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    Workaround You can also trigger the Windows 11 snap menu for the current active window by pressing Windows Key + Z.

  • Sir Fritz 已評論,

    @Eevee, there is a /me command currently. But /me <message> sends "_<message>_"

  • Sir Fritz 已評論,

    @TheNja09 I would not recommend anyone rely on Discord to be DRM for paid expiring content. The other concern about losing access to a message is a good one; however, if you viewed the message I do...

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    Save messages

    Saved messages is similar to pinned, except it is only for you. When a user saves a message, it will save it to their account and be available under a "saved messages" menu. The saved message will ...

  • Sir Fritz 已評論,

    @Cl0ck That's a nice idea. It would not work with /<command>, but it may work with "<command>" or "{command}" or "[command]" or "%command%". Something to consider, if this item is picked up for imp...