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  • Oh and considering they're not willing to add an option to disable the Nitro gift -box, they might just decide to force threads on everyone as well.

  • When I'm not willing to dedicate an entire screen to a chat app those side panels don't really work, they clutter up the thing and become so tiny that I can't really read reasonable amounts of anyt...

  • Message threads are an awful feature of Slack, so poorly implemented they're annoying to use and I wish to tell everyone always to stop using them, or that there was a feature that disabled them fo...

  • Btw, I don't really agree with the title of this post anymore - I don't want it to be specifically put in the profile panel, but just out of the chat bar.No demands from me (or from the comments mo...

  • Yea, seems like I wasn't the only one annoyed by it.Great feature, and it could have a place e.g. around the top bar or something, but chat bar is the wrong place for it.