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Leo_Chan 的最新活動
  • Leo_Chan 已建立貼文,

    Emoji and Reaction Window Tab Select

    A feature was recently removed that I used a lot when it came to emojis. I was able to press the emoji/reaction button, search for something, press tab, use arrow keys to select, and press enter to...

  • Leo_Chan 已建立貼文,

    More Quoting Options

    With the addition of Block Quotes and the built-in quote message button, I think there should be more options to quoting. For example we should be able to add the link to the message within the quo...

  • Leo_Chan 已評論,

    This is a very good feature to have. For the time being, a workaround is to hold the message, press Copy Text, paste it, and copy the text between the < and ####> to send the emote yourself.

  • Leo_Chan 已評論,

    This is a very needed change as currently there is no way to interact with messages in the search results. If I wanted to copy the text in the searched message or copy the link to the message, I'd ...