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    houskar_mates , yeah it seems to only work normally through a browser such as google chrome. Since the desktop client for discord seems to be using a bad build of the chromium's proton API.

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    55555555555555555555555555555555555nope.adding that line, and saving to the host file, and rebooting into discord, didn't fix the media not playing when i press play on it. Still the same video not...

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    Stable 84785 (fe5e237)Host 1.0.9001Windows Server 2008 R2 / 7 64-Bit (6.1.7601) Date: May, 13, 2021Issue status: Still unresolved, Non-Isolated incident.Issue: video Media files & embedded webconte...

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    hmm... i have nitro and still get this bug... weird

  • Vafarien 已評論,

    restarting my pc did not fix it :(

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    [bug] media not playing

    [BUILD INFO] Release Channel: stable, Build Number: 57259, Version Hash Discord Windows program Bug: clicking on videos doesn't play at all, video thumbnail does load, video time loads, clicking th...