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  • would absolutely use this as i am part of several servers and would like to use a different avatar for a couple of them



  • Lak

    Yes, just yes.

  • UltraCor

    I would like this too

  • TheTíoSweet

    I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion, please make this happen! I also like Evil Turtle's idea.

  • LimeWyvronAlt

    If this doesn't become a thing on discord, I'm going back to Skype... I couldn't agree any more about this... It's so useful...

  • Warrior

    Every time I read the pop-up in Discord about new features I am disappointed to not find this feature in the list. How many more times does Discord have to keep disappointing everyone like this?

  • Prime Lorca [10FH]

    I had a grade school teacher tell the class that only idiots answer rhetorical questions. But sometimes I can't resist anyway.

    How many more times? Three. Seven, tops. But definitely no more than twenty, probably. Certainly no more than fifty.

  • Gearic

    Come on slackers, Make It Happen!

  • Psi

    I'm just gonna mention my take on this again.

    As for this recommendation it kind of defeats the purpose of the feature. The idea is that some people might use avatars they don't want certain servers to see. E.g. an irl pic by default, but they wanna cover that on certain servers, not have it showing on top of another pic.

  • Esper

    So I moderate two community servers, have about a dozen personal social servers I'm part of, and two related to gaming groups. I have to use a super generic avatar that kinda works for some of them, but not others. Would really love to have a feature like this.

  • Irreparable

    Heck yes please, I also really want this because I'm part of a diverse varity of servers (IT, Gaming, Social)

  • Qnya

    I also really need this!

  • Havelocked

    Yes! This is something we need. I've seen this feature work well with Amino, and it's nice to be able to have different "identities" on different servers - and identities are more than a name. 

  • AmberVael

    As a moderator for a very large discord server for a publishing company, I really need this feature. As it stands, I've had to ask someone to change their avatar since it wasn't the sort of content we wanted on our server - but since avatars aren't server specific, I'm effectively asking them follow server specific rules across all of discord, or be banned from our server. That's not a choice I should have to impose on people.

    Please, add this feature.

  • FiretronP75

    I think they artificially alter the number of upvotes. "Avatars by Server" has under 3,000 votes and over 500 comments. While "Gift Other Users Nitro"has over 9,000 votes and under 30 comments. Really?! Over 9,000 people were anxious to BUY something from Discord? But less than 30 people wanted to talk about it? And less than 9,000 people are interested in each of the other more practical and urgent feature requests under "Account & Server Management"? It just isn't believable.

  • irish.texan

    Why has this still not been implemented?

  • SuperDono

    Come on why is this still not available

  • Gary

    Yeah I want this sooooo bad...

    Business servers need a certain level of professionalism, some servers need a level of anonymity, some are for close friends where you want something silly or your IRL face etc.

  • Zorro

    why this is not yet in discord for a community gaming should have this for sure 

  • StepS
    >I think they artificially alter the number of upvotes

    They did not. It's just poor handling of their systems upgrade.

    In November 2018 the old system (Uservoice) was converted to this new website. Some of the original suggestions got carried over, along with their upvotes. That is why you see so many upvotes on those other suggestions, they were accumulated in 2016-2018 when the old system was still active (anything posted by Nelly -- which is a system account -- is from back then). Not all of them transferred in the same way, however.

    Just another reminder, this specific suggestion for per-server avatars was in fact opened in early 2016 (former URL, now dead). It had something like ~10000 upvotes and 1000+ comments by November 2018. Unfortunately, it looks like no one has saved any web archive copy, so that is gone forever. This is based on what I remember when I checked it last time.

    When suggestions were transferred into the new system, they were apparently hand-picked. The above 10000 upvote suggestion (called "Unique Avatar") somehow did not come through, but for some reason this one (which only had 300-400 upvotes at start) was picked instead. So that means, 2400 new upvotes have been added to this since the porting over in November. Needless to say, the handling of feedback system upgrade was very bad.

  • Maonya

    Pleaaaase!!! This already has enough upvotes. You could even make it so that by default it stays as your account icon when you join a new server. And make changing your icon for a specific server optional.

  • Rahl

    please and thank you

  • Clementine

    looked this up to see if I can do that and it looks like its been getting requested for years and the devs have unfortunately ignored it so far, but nevertheless im commenting to keep this post alive, devs please!!! 

  • Rikku

    Still waiting for this to happen.

    Really needed

  • AterNyctos


    I hope one day it gets added, as it would definitely enhance my and my friend's experience, utilizing Discord.

  • FaultBat

    It's funny, I've been waiting for and following the "progress" of this feature long enough that the first thing I wanted it for has long since come and gone, as has a second reason I wanted it, and now I'm in a third group that I'd like this feature for.

  • Hinnie

    This would be great to have! Commenting to keep it alive

  • Del

    Adding vote as an incredibly needed feature.  People using pictures of themselves for their profile pictures are encouraged to only stay on servers with people they know in RL, and never join other servers (or to have a very generic image instead).

  • Haggstrom

    Yeah, how is it not implemented yet? We join dozens of servers, change our names, so there's no point in using the same avatar for things that are extremely different. Please, guys, it's about time!

  • Kyuusaku

    Adding my vote to the pile!


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