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  • AelarTheElfRogue

    I wanted to reiterate that this should NOT be a paid feature. Other services, such as Slack, allow you to have different profile pictures for each server you are in (though Slack does have a sort of different account for each server).

  • Discorder

    Absolutely! This seems like a given if you can already change name.

  • Hopper

    Keep up the good work guys. Share this with friends, families, grandmas, even the elderly communities. Go in person and talk to several old-folks communities about this discord idea. Touch everything. Don't wash your hands. Most importantly, get the word out about this discord feature. Everyone will appreciate it.

  • AnyMe

    So very much please

  • bl4nk5l4t3

    well 22 pages of requests later and still no resolution.
    That's pretty sad, especially for people who have multiple identities (e.g. need to separate work, home lives particularly around gender and sexual expression).

  • Babkis

    This would be extremely useful! Please add this feature!

  • Rose Chord

    Y'all, it would be nice. I play a masc character but am trans femme and don't want to put it on my profile.

  • kitKat

    please i NEED this

  • Kylyth

    Here is a post I made in another thread, not knowing this one was here until someone pointed it out to me. tl;dr I want this, please!

  • Malcolm

    This is extremely needed.

  • Lord Matthew


  • No_oah

    That would be the best update of discord, atleast while ive had it!

  • Smudger818

    Yes please I dont want to have to wear this badge when playing other games

  • Kester

    I know it's abit old now but I still really want this! It'd be so great!! 

  • Tree

    Please for the love of God just add this already

  • StepS

    A quick round-up for all the new people coming to this thread (as well as Discord developers if they happen to read this):

    • This suggestion was originally created in 2016 on the old uservoice website (dead link with no web archive copy -- I still blame myself for not making one in time). Titled "Unique Avatar", it had about 10000 upvotes and 1000 comments by November 2018.
    • In November 2018, during the automated carryover of old popular suggestions, the original 10k upvote suggestion was lost. This one (which had only ~300 initial upvotes) was picked instead.
    • Nelly (suggestion poster) is not a user, it is a bot which was used to copy over suggestions from the old website.
    • Discord was asked on Twitter about this feature back in February 2018. They last replied on May 11, 2019 stating that they are "aware of the desire" and have no news to share. (more links in this post). Some people have tried contacting Discord via other means and were redirected to this website.
    • A user has posted earlier in the thread saying that this might already be a thing on API level (judging by the names -- no confirmation, and still no client support).
    • There is a work-around which does not involve using multiple Discord accounts. However, it is not a real work-around. Messages posted this way (webhooks) have no user profile, therefore no role colors or right-click menu, cannot be edited in-place, have the "BOT" marking and require a bot to be installed in every server.
    • A proposal on how per-server avatars should be displayed is in this post.
    • A lot of people (me included) would get this if it was a nitro feature, although there are also many people who say this is a basic feature that should not require a premium subscription.
    • This is the most commented suggestion on the platform. Also, the comment density is about 1 comment per each 5 upvotes (minus the initial ~300 upvotes), which signifies very high interest in the subject.
    • The potential use-cases are obvious: separate avatars by work/school/gaming (which oftentimes are completely incompatible with each other), RP and games with different characters / fandoms. For a lot of people, it is a vital necessity (such as to avoid harassment) and using multiple Discord accounts is unfortunately the only option.
  • Reuster aka Reu

    @steps nailed it... WHERE IS OUR ATTENTION?!?

  • Kylyth

    After reading StepS post, I must thank bot Nelly for carrying this thread forward.  :)

  • BattlebrotherShorty

    As a teacher who's using Discord during Covid-19, I really need this. Half of the boys are ironically using big-tiddy anime girls as profile pics - which they're welcome to do on their regular servers, but it's kind of difficult to include the girls from class in that setting.

    4 srs.

  • Deric Kruse

    I cant upvote above post enough ... would be quite nice to have this since communication has moved online for a while.  having different avatars for different groups would be awesome, as roles and behaviour are different.  As you can have different names, why not different avatars?


  • luxgladius

    I have little more to say than others have said in this thread, but I do suggest the following implementation details:

    1) Have the current avatar pics remain the "primary" or "default" avatar.

    2) Allow this primary avatar to be overridden for a server by selecting from a library of available avatars, either a stock set or a custom set uploaded by the user. This would parallel how a custom name can also be specified by server. This could be limited to some reasonable number which could be expanded via a Discord Nitro subscription. (That said, I think at least a minimal set of alternate avatars should be a stock feature because of the importance of having multiple roles online in today's global crisis.)


  • BroD&D

    1000% supported and loved.

  • Danilo

    I need this man!

  • Zoe/Dusk/Miyako

    I totally agree it's needed. Some servers will kick users if they don't have certain types of avatar's that "fit" the server ideals. So being allowed a different avatar for different servers would be greatly appreciated

  • Qnya

    Still nothing, it's a damn shame.

  • Prime Lorca [10FH]

    23 pages of replies to this thread now. For anyone new, George 2.0 Hope and StepS have some good summary information on page 22. There's a timeline and some links. I certainly hope 2020 is finally the year that this idea becomes a reality.

  • Random Elephant

    I gave up on waiting for the feature already. But I would at least expect something more in terms of communication than a two years old post saying: "Yeah, we saw the thread".

  • moodywork2374

    They deleted another post on this website asking for the same thing as this one so I think they don’t care about it which is VERY frustrating!

  • moodywork2374


  • Franken Wood

    A very useful thing both for the role-play servers, as for the servers of organizations, schools and just funny servers for friends.


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