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  • Klace

    I hope this feature is going to be implemented soon, real soon

  • Kithsom

    This has been requested consistently for months now, how is it not added yet? also +1

  • jd_396

    My email notifications from this thread are up to 33...

  • FableWren

    Yes please!

  • That Person

    8 pages and counting.

    No good reason not to.

    It would be lovely if a dev or someone official could at least respond.  This is a pretty great feature request, many people have stated they would be willing to pay for the privilege.

  • Konbleck

    I would be ok if this was just a discord nitro feature. But it needs to be added (if possible) as it's one of the most useful stuff requested.

    I have some cookies for you devs. :)

    I can ask nicely, too.

    *activate puppy face*

    Please mr. devs (or ms.), could you possibly add the feature of being able to have different profile/avatar pictures per server? And, if possible, being able, as a server admin, to change or remove picture of other users/bots?

    (I get that this last part will be harder to be there, and it might no be implemented at all since i can see a lot of bad stuff/trolling going too far)

  • Northern
    I am still confused on what the suggestion is, Can you please elaborate?
  • SadPickle

    Could you make it so that users can use different display pictures for different chats please.

    So for example, in one Server/channel (in which you have friends from Game A) you could pick one picture. And then in another Server/channel (in which you have friends from Game B) you could choose a different display picture.

    But *still have the SAME Discord account.*

  • SadPickle

    The only possible benefits I see from *your* pov is :

    1. Your users could customize more.
    2. Your users might be able to better organize their accounts/themselves.

    So it's *not* Just about adding flavour, it could also be a *functional* improvement. That's just my take on this idea though.

  • AtomicTexan

    I really want this. It's something that has been driving me crazy

  • Krab

    Is this buried too deep? Will it ever happen?

  • JaPeMo

    I like this feature... +1

  • riddelplum

    Please, please, PLEASE implement this!! Other apps have it. It’s just kind of accepted and it’s really not that rare so pleeease devs just make it happen already

  • Simisticot

    I would definitely get Nitro if it allowed me to do this.

  • AelarTheElfRogue

    I really don't feel like this should be a hard feature to implement, and definitely not something that should be behind a $10/month paywall. It's frustrating that this has been open for 6 months and there isn't any official word from Discord to even say that it is something that they are considering or not.

  • Simisticot

    Hey I'd be glad if they did this for free but I would understand if they didn't. Multiplying the amount of jpegs used as avatars by up to a hundred accross all accounts isn't nothing imo.

    (Also I was thinking of the 5$ Nitro since this isn't games related)

  • Godot

    Tweeted Discord with a link to this thread, waiting for an answer.

  • Cis White Matt

    This thread is so popular that there's been separate threads on this support forum just asking if anyone higher up has seen this thread. If you go into the forum page and look at new posts and start scrolling you'll eventually run into multiple closed threads that ask what the devs think about this thread.

    So far from what the support team has been saying to the other threads, it doesn't seem like Discord has anything planned for this feature at the moment. Or if they are they aren't sharing their progress publicly.

    I really hope that they do implement this feature, but make sure if you read this to share this page with your friends so that they can upvote this thread too and give their 2 cents. I've been subbed to this thread for over 3 months now, and for a forum that nobody really uses (lets face it you probably got here through a google search like I did) it seems we get a new comment here every day, which is impressive enough.

    Some comments here also mention identity theft because with the use of this feature people can copy names and pictures, but that's why we have DMs we can open up, and username # tags, and mod roles on big servers can help with those types of trolls. Plus if someone is going to mimic someone else, they're going to do that regardless of if this is a feature or not, i've seen it happen on public servers, they just change their profile pic even without this feature. Actually if we implement this feature it'll make it easier to spot impersonators, because the impersonator could change their server-side profile picture but still show their default picture and username when you click on them.

  • Nrevi

    We can already change the nickname per server so we should be able to do change our pfp's accordingly too!


    I'm just gonna be another helpless soul in this vacuum, but we NEED this feature, im surprised it hasn't been implemented already.

  • Confederate Countryball

    I wish that this was a thing, Discord please make it happen

  • Sugarpixie

    Adding my voice to the others, this feature would be so amazing and useful.

  • JoeSchmoe

    This would be an excellent addition to nitro if you wanna look at it from a business standpoint. If you made it a free feature that would be awesome though. I wanna be Dr. Doom in one server and Austin Powers in others, let me do this Discord gods

  • NUMBERZero1032


  • Jarell P

    With keeping up with professional and social servers, this would be such a useful feature!

  • AndyBear

    Agreed! Please make this a thing! 

  • M.

    Come on guys it's been half a year, we need this!

  • mAtis

    This would be really helpful. Please, make this happen

  • Everycne

    We're able to give ourselves nicknames, we should be able to give ourselves nick-PFPs


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