Discord as a PWA


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  • Paris

    Google Chrome now supports desktop PWAs, this would be a great addition and shouldn't take much effort on the part of the developers. Please add this because the Electron app version eats memory.

  • thomasbnt

    Supported this good idea ! #PWA

  • kenmore



    Now supported in Chrome on most platforms.


  • [ DS ] Grisson

    Microsoft Edge (the new one), Google Chrome and a lot of other browsers already support that right now... It's basically a matter of time/effort for the Discord team now.

  • yay


  • sanjaylord

    +1. Please make it happen.

  • trueouchys

    I second this. PWAs should get more love. 

  • Snark

    Would love to see this too! I'm a little short on storage space and running Discord as PWA would save me some of those precious bits.

  • sergioad

    +1, I as a Chrome OS user would LOVEto have Discord installed as PWA with notifications suppor, that way I would be able to talk with my friends on a native app

  • GoudronViande24

    +1, as a Web dev (I do PWA frequently), it's 1000% a good move.

    Sorry for my bad english.
  • JarethGK

    +1 to this idea and update to website to make it into a PWA.  Seems like the perfect site to turn into a PWA (Progressive Web App).  Wouldn't take to much to add these features either.  I hope the discord web team takes the time to look into this and add this feature to their chat website client!

  • DreaD

    +1 to this idea, I already use it as a "Installable app" on Microsoft Edge (edgium) and it works flawlessly, just needs the devs to add that little button that allows it to be more easily installed. It's gonna be so much more easier for people who just casually chat to move onto as well (ie community servers and support servers) when new users arrive. 

  • Fabian Drinks Milk

    We NEED this. Discord is very focused on gamers and a PWA client would mean less lag. Discord already has a website and Electron client so a PWA shouldn't be hard at all.

  • HerrEiklar

    Yea, same, would be really awesome to have it as a PWA, I currently use it in Brave Browser with the "Create shortcut..." method, but having native PWA support would make some things easier!

  • jinx12345

    While you wait there is this. They say it doesn’t work on chrome but I think with developer mode it does so here: https://github.com/NeverDecaf/discord-PWA

  • Akaza_Renn

    Here's the manifest, just put it in the server and add a new line in your header like this:

    "<link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.json" /> "


    Is anyone from Discord willing to share what is so difficult to achieve?

  • chinbor Mn

    +1. Please make it happen.

  • D1360_64RC14


    I did some research and the features that cannot be implemented inside a PWA are Rich Presence, Game Activity, and application Screen Sharing with audio.

    For the 2 first, the user would need to install a program that listens to the TCP Socket and sends the activity to the App.

    Unfortunately, the browser can't access other apps' audio (at least on Linux; I didn't test it on Windows). It can only access audio from other browser tabs.

  • [ DS ] Grisson

    Well, opening discord on a browser tab also do now allow acess to such features as well, so I don't think this is actually a limitation… Still looking forward for this feature to arrive at some point.

  • AJCxZ0
    • Discord ❌
    • Element (Matrix) ✔️
    • Facebook Messenger ✔️
    • Google Chat ✔️
    • Google Meet ✔️
    • Mattermost ✔️
    • Microsoft Teams  ✔️
    • Microsoft Skype ✔️
    • Rocketchat ✔️
    • Slack ✔️
    • Telegram ✔️
    • Threema ✔️
    • Trillian ✔️
    • Zoom ✔️

    I've used about half these PWAs, all of which have worked well, but make no claims of quality or availability of those created by little-known and under-resourced providers such as Microsoft or Zoom. This list of applications which may be reasonably compared to Discord is not exhaustive.

  • AJCxZ0

    Another big reason to provide a PWA comes from the recent and laudable adoption of modern authentication including passkeys. In the blog post section Device Support, Nathan Walsh writes

    Discord’s desktop applications are developed with the Electron framework and Electron does not have explicit support for WebAuthn. When testing on different platforms we found that WebAuthn in Electron worked great on Windows desktops but was unresponsive on MacOS. Determined to support MacOS we had to find a solution to this problem.

    and goes on to detail struggles with the client on just one platform.

    This should, of course, just work with no effort by Discord devs in a PWA. It certainly does for all the PWAs for services which support passkeys which I use on multiple platforms.


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