Revert multi-image upload mosaic view


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  • yay yay

    This is gorgeously worded, and i wholeheartedly agree. It's like they just used "spam" as an excuse to enforce this feature while the real reason was just another step towards conforming to other social apps.

  • 9lives

    Spam??? Well think about all the Spam and inappropriate content we can now hind on the sides of images and Mods wont check every image so it's a perfect feature for bots to harness and will completely ruin the Discord experience.

    Also think of how long it will take to locate a image in your server if it gets DMCA??kes!!!

  • MDeero

    Sorting out the image scaling / cropping (pad images instead of cropping) would suffice as well

    An option on the Discord App to opt out of Mosaic preview would be nice too, then everyone can view it the way they like it


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