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  • TesterD

    They, sadly, removed the ability to 'friend' bots to accept it with code.

    But if bots friend you first, you could accept it,

    Please, i beg you discord.

  • cyberdev

    I'm sorry to say that this will not be happening. 

    Discord loves its developers. But being able to send friend requests via bots is going to be chaotic. API spam is a real thing. Server raids, DM spam, all of these things happen from existing bots but adding a mass friend request feature is going to add to all that. Not only that, bots can send friend requests, and when they are accepted-they can send links to nitro scams and other suspicious links. Overall, it might seem like a good idea, but has too many downsides. 

    Thank you,

  • Verify This

    Well, the initial request was to allow a person to be friends with a bot. And that still stands. It's a bad situation that I can't authorize a bot (that I wrote, btw) to send me a DM without allowing everyone to send me a DM.

    It shouldn't even need a friend request. Any bot in a server should just have a Menu Option to "Be your friend" or, "Accept DMs from this Bot". So stupid simple, so necessary for so long, so hard to understand why a user can't choose to receive DMs from whomever they want. NOT the bot. The user.

  • toivocat

    What want is so you send the request from your account to the bot and in the discord developer portal they make a new tab: friends where you can manage its friends and friend requests. That way people can't send requests from the bots and you won't have to check your friend requests day to clear out the ones from bots.

    I also think this should be a thing so you don't have to have a server to test your bots in development and you can just friend it to test them. See what I mean? It would make it so much easier for me to make my bots.

  • Verify This

    Being able to treat a User/DMs as a Server and Channel would be far more complicated than simply allowing a User and a Bot to be friends, which is what the original request is. Or even more simply, a User option to accept DMs from specific bots. Which, again, is what the OP was after.

    Being able to invite a bot to DMs would require so much more work on the Discord dev side, and would have little value outside of niche development. I didn't find it too difficult to create a Server just for use for dev work.

    But it's clearly a moot point, Discord has obviously no interest in easily solving common problems. Not while there are still more ways to add useless features like stickers.

  • asciidude

    No offense (continues to say something offensive lol), but I think this suggestion is dumb.

    Most bots disable DM commands. I do on all my bots as well, since it always breaks the bot in some type of way. With slash commands being the new norm as well, zero chance this would happen. This has no use. If they did make this a possibility, most likely no library would bother detecting the friend request event.. maybe Discord.js, not sure.

    The only thing I can see this being useful for is AI chat bots. Even then, why not just create your own server or private channel? Still, you can DM a bot at any time, given allow DM is enabled.

    Edit: Plus API spam and such lol, pretty sure someone broke it down in the comments

  • Verify This

    What I (and as I'm reading it, the OP) are after here is a User being able to receive a DM from a bot while still having the "Friends Only" DM setting turned on.

    Voluntarily, by choice, of the User, to receive DMs from specified bots, without having to be exposed to random DMs from everyone, including spam bots. 


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