Discord support not responding to my ticket after 11 days



  • pepsiplayzz

    This is not at all uncommon - there are millions of active Discord accounts, and many get hacked - Discord simply doesn't have enough resources to deal with every hacked account quickly.

    Rest assured that your ticket is still being dealt with; however, do keep in mind that spamming/continuously sending replies/opening new tickets will bump your ticket to the back of the queue, so just give them time.

  • smith john

    If you've not received a response after a few days, your email has probably ended up in the junk folder. Another possibility is that the Discord team missed your email in a sea of other messages. You should send a follow-up message to check on the status of the last one you sent. Conduent Connect Feps

  • Fullmetalmidget1

    Why would following up bump your email to the bottom? You would think they would maybe look into it a little faster. It's not a big deal to just create another discord account but maybe that account is important to him.

  • Discordemweave13

    The fact that Discord has to even have a "rule" that "multiple inquiries will bump your ticket to the end of the queue" pretty much means their customer service sucks.  


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