[Enshittification][DO NOT ADD] Discord Username System



  • Autumn

    +1 💖

    keep fighting back!!!
    this change is not okay!

  • B Serhan397

    "Current Nitro subscribers paying for the ability to customize their discriminator that registered for Nitro on or before March 1, 2023 will also be given early access"
    Anyone talking about this bs? 
    if you arent an already paying customer you just get screwed over I guess and people who pay get to cut to the front of the line. so less choices for non paying people. nice.

  • МеgaPixlz

    Worst decision discord has ever come up with (2)

  • decrepitParadox


    Using a Reddit Post as a source for people not knowing what a discriminator is, is just incredibly dumb, for all we know, it could be fabricated after all. But that's conspiracy-type thinking so, whatever.

    However that 40% statistic is only USER ERROR and MISCOMMUNICATION, and not an inherent flaw in the system, there are already multiple ways to easily copy and paste your discriminator built into both the desktop and mobile app, you've already assured for ways that users can easily share it, just maybe point them out more? Or bring back those friend invite links, or implement friend invite codes like others suggested? There is nothing that is fixed by this update!

    You just need to improve on what is already there, not completely toss it out and start new, for crying out loud!

  • Discord GG

    Update is dumb

  • Blujj

    dumb change indeed they can allways just add add a few more digits if its really needed 

  • Bass44

    Remember to not give them any penny of yours, and cancel your nitro subscriptions ASAP.

  • nitro740


    I feel this is a step in the wrong direction, trying to compete in a space that Discord just doesn't fit in. Discord is more centered around private groups and centralized communities than a generic "social media" platform, which I've purposefully avoided my entire life. I've seen no support for this in any server I'm in, and really hope the amount of backlash this is getting will help reverse this. I'm not too hopeful though, since this looks like an executive decision of the platform telling the users what's best for them and what they will like.

    Personally, out of spite, I'll keep my personal discriminator or another if that somehow gets taken, but since we won't be able to use "#" in the new system I'll be forced to use an "_" instead. Just to keep things as much the same as possible.

    *Edit* When looking at all the feedback left on this site (by selecting "Show all posts" instead of "Show topics", this post is already on the first page when sorting by votes, and is #3 at the time of writing sorting by comments. That should say something of how important this is for people willing to interact here.

  • Bakkuren Shen

    Discord current naming system was great. I have no idea who even thought changing to unique names will be better now. This isn't a good change. Actually first one I am even making a comment about on discord ever. 

  • kevinpanpan

    Dear Discord: stop your action and listen to the community! We love the # system.

  • altair2


  • NitraxGTV


  • Kaladin

    And to think we all thought Microsoft trying to buy Discord would ruin the service. They're managing to do it themselves

  • RoadTrain

    Pretty sure there's like 1 person in this entire thread who's in favor of the change, and the rest are all against. So... who's leaking the current discord build to the masses so we can start up a clone where discriminators are kept?

  • Plaidygami

    The past few months, Discord has been pushing a lot of mediocre updates out, making the experience worse. This whole username change is absolutely the worst decision they've made, and they've made a lot of bad decisions lately.

  • Ada

    I genuinely wholeheartedly believe that this is a change that will lead to Discord's death knell as a platform. No aspect of it is good, a wide majority of the community hates it. Around 2/3rds of the issues listed seem made up. Very few people are confused about what discriminators are, or what their purpose is. The only confusion around them I have ever seen is what they're named. I only recently found out that they're called discriminators, but I knew what they were for. They're extremely simple. This change will most likely lead to a sharp loss of revenue because I and many others pay for nitro FOR THE ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE OUR DISCRIMINATORS! I am not a fan of features of the nitro subscription being slowly excised, and if this change goes through I will be cancelling my nitro sub for good.

  • anon

    The post creator (Stefano H) is a p3dophlle. He likes touching kids aged 13, 14 and 16 even though he is over 18, around 22.

  • anon

    we know what you did Haagmans.

  • Troy Quinlan

    I will be contacting support to remove Nitro from my account and I will also be asking for a refund. If one is not provided, I will be going to my bank and letting them know that Discord has changed the terms of the agreement and no longer providing the service I paid for. I will then be getting a chargeback.

    Do not allow Discord to get away with this horseshit. Delete your Discord and demand a refund. They don't care what we say but they will care if we remove money from their pocket.


    Edit: They're refusing refunds by marking the support ticket as closed without ever addressing the email.


    I implore everyone to call your credit card company, your bank, paypal, or whoever to demand a chargeback of your payment to Discord. They're no longer providing the service you paid for (Changing your number tag) but still wanting to keep your money. Get it back.

  • Atalie


  • Anomaly

    BS way to treat the userbase. I've been on the platform since 2016, paid for Nitro for years, and they're gonna tell me to **** off and pick a new username because some streamer got dibs.

    Last dollar they're seeing out of me if this goes through.

  • lempamo

    stupidest change ever

  • Falcolmreynolds

    ignore the rando trying to slander the OP by accusing them of a felony for no reason in an unrelated post. anon indeed. false accusations of felonies are punishable by fines and jail time. wish to god people wouldn't point and scream felonies at anybody who says something they kinda don't like.


    unbelievably, Discord is STILL PUSHING THIS CHANGE. I've already started migrating my friends over to Revolt because of it. Unfortunately, Revolt also has a handle system, but I know at least they won't do the same shit Discord does pushing change after change. And they're in rebuilding right now, so we might be able to convince them to add discriminators over there. They actually listen to their userbase, unlike Discord.

  • NotYurPardner

    +1 m'friend, I reckon I'm right peeved about these newfangled changes to the Discord usernames. I mean, what in tarnation were they thinkin'? They done tryin' make it harder than a cat tryin' to bury a turd on a marble floor to find my pals in the chat.

    Now I gotta squint my eyes and scratch my noggin just to figure out who's who. It's enough to make a hound dog howl, I tell ya what. I sure hope them Discord folks come to their senses and fix this mess, or I'll be hornswoggled! I don't cotton to these new usernames one bit. I mean, I'm as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine to be chattin' with my friends and all, but this here's just plain ridiculous.

    It's like they done dropped a whole mess of cow patties in the punch bowl. I don't know what kinda horse feathers they're tryin' to pull, but I ain't havin' none of it. I'll be darned if I'm gonna sit around twiddlin' my thumbs and sippin' on sweet tea all day tryin' to figure out who's who. They best fix this pronto, or I'll be hotter than a two-dollar pistol!

  • Auto

    Stupidly English-centric change. Twitterification of a instant messaging community app for no reason. As an artist i absolutely HATE having to find a way for my handles to match enough across social media to indicate who I am, can discord- my most used app, period- not do that too? Please read the comments in this post.  Discord rolls out plenty of good changes and improvements, and is a great app even for non-Nitro-paying users. There is NO REASON to do this. How is @__us.er.name__ easier to remember than User#0001? HOW. Say out loud each character that's required to say to someone for them to type. And plenty of apps already have direct buttons or links to add someone as a friend... just set a timer or a limit on it.

    This seems like just a way for discord to aesthetically "fit in" with the way major social media does things. Being original, trailblazing and accessiblity doesn't seem to be Discord's priority if they actually execute this change.

  • EnigmaEmmy

    I doubt I'll stop using Discord altogether in the foreseeable future considering its current popularity but I will look at joining communities on alternative platforms and I WILL cancel Nitro if this goes ahead.

    Such a dumb move, I don't get it at all.

    Edit: Scratch that - reread the notice on discord and looks like it's already been pushed. Nitro cancelled.

    Edit2: Lol if you sort by votes, anything above 1k has been around for at least 3 years. This thread took less than a day to reach the top 5!

  • Ephenia

    Yeah, since they pushed the update notice to the client, many people have now been made aware of this now.

    Literally nobody wants it.

  • SpaceSaver UnderCover


  • bloombirb

    not only is this a bad idea because of the privacy violation, potential impersonations & general spam reasons, how does this change affect accounts of deceased people? they won't be able to answer the prompt given to change/update their usernames-- will their accounts be deleted? do they get to automatically keep their username? people have lost a lot of friends over the past 3 years, did anyone making these silly discord decisions think of those accounts? 

  • balloonie-cat

    First, let me say what a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE idea this is - nobody wants this. Nobody needs this. There was some mention of people having trouble getting their usernames out to their friends - there's a copy-paste button RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR USERNAME, and if you don't know about that, you can just highlight the username itself and copy-paste, so that's another non-issue. This whole thing is a solution in search of a problem.

    Here's my thinking on why this is happening though - it all revolves around being able to sell accounts (which is pretty scummy, since there's no mention of NOT selling an account that's still active, meaning that you could lose an account you've had for almost a decade because moneybags rolled up and bought it out from under you). This account selling, and the name change meant to push it, is a response to people boycotting Nitro over the NFT fiasco. Users were able to vote with their wallets, and stockholders don't like that, so they are hoping to make a huge load of cash up front by selling off old accounts (right out from under the original owners, if I am reading this right). It won't matter that everyone who buys such an account will be shunned like the plague (and while I officially don't condone harassment, I can't imagine. these new folks won't be harassed when spotted); Discord will just say "no refunds". This is all just speculation, of course, but it would neatly explain this otherwise senseless change.


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