Discord team is not responding to any of my appeals



  • Ebiko

    Yes , use the support system.

  • hordo

    sadly we in the same boat, i did many appeals, emails and what not and i always get denied by clyde bot, all i can say is i hope theres hope but its slim. welp

  • Ebiko

    Then you didn't read clyde's message not good enough
    Read it again

    Or it was a question which is already answered

  • King831

    My User has been Disabled it is King831#2051 I understand the content Was Non acceptable I have Apologized and changed every thing National Socailist Looking from my Account

  • cotne1993

    I used the support system in any way possible, emailed them, sent them messages on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook but they are not still responding anywhere. The only message that I got was from Clyde bot and it said that my account was disabled due to violating the terms and rights and the account would not be reinstated. But I used the account every single day for 3 years and then one day all of a sudden it gets permabanned for one mistake that I made. At this point, I am down to pay whatever to get my account back, it really means a lot to me.

  • Ebiko

    Well , that's your mistake for violating the rules in first place

    Unless it's a false positive , and you didn't do anything wrong , don't expect to get your account back

    Twitter and Facebook are not really the right support. Just more like a quick QA help.
    The right one is only accessible over the homepage
    But yes , if your account got banned , clyde may block you (cannot confirm if you can keep your ticket open , since I haven't been banned before )

  • Ta34Dk6000

    my account was disabled and iv made about 3 appeals to try to get back but i never get a response just the bot one. 14 days are about to go up so i’m scared that my acc will be gone 4ever since i’m not getting any responses.

  • Sidharth

    My discord account got disabled for fake reason ( spam) i created ticket before 3 days and had done many retweets on twitter but they ignored on both ticket and Twitter
    First of all they will do fake bans and it will take weeks to get contact with them after that to activate their account it will take around atleast 2-3 months or may be more time also

  • Cod Play

    even im on the same page my discord account has been disabled for a false reason  it has been 2 days since my acc is banned i contacted the support system but i have still not goten a reply just like u  i had this account for 2 years nd i have a lot of memorys connected to it i really hope discord lifts my ban

  • Ry

    i need help,  my account is gonna be deleted for no reasoon

  • Dshanklin95

    It has been 20 days since my appeal does that mean discord doesn't care when I have explauned to them that I wasn't active when Someone in my friend's server violated the guildlines and I was a moderator

  • Omah Legend

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