Dividing the "Manage Messages" Permission



  • Thomas R

    Please allow this permission

  • SyntheticBee

    Both as a bot developer and server owner, this would be much appreciated.

    Clearing reactions is the *only* permission my bots need, so granting them Manage Messages is overkill. I'd rather they could be granted that more limited permission instead.

    Likewise, I'd rest easier if bots written by others that I invite to my own servers, and/or third-party cogs I load onto bots I operate were more limited in the permissions they needed to be granted.

  • NJB

    I agree 100%. There are many times I'd want bots in my server, but I end up not adding them because I'm uncomfortable trusting them with the broad Manage Messages permissions when all they need is ability to remove reactions.

  • Coolkidd

    Crazy how I just posted a suggestion to divide up a different specific permission and find this immediately after too, though this one's needed WAY more than my idea:


  • DJBigRob

    This permission would be helpful to non-bots as well, as I would like some small groups within my server be able to pin messages in certain channels, but not completely manage messages

  • NJB

    DJBigRob great point! Now that I think of it, I'm in several servers in which that would be greatly appreciated.


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