As a graphic designer with me having an imprint on this app, the new logo/rebrand is awful



  • rivkael

    agreed with everything here

  • JerseyG

    Beautifully stated!!

    Much better than my additional thoughts of: Just bc discord turned 6 doesn't mean we need to attract 6yr olds. Oh, you found the thick crayons and decided to make everything big and bold now.

    But yes, away from the snide remarks I now have after seeing their social media responses well then I can be snarky back. 

    I'm not sure what research was conducted to see where to go with this, but you don't want your branding and logo to blend in and look the same as everything else out there. The bold everywhere and brightness hurts my eyes. Not everything has to stand out even more. The reactions are now boldened with a box, the tags for names are now brighter, roles are bold, channel names are bold at the top, even names in DMs are bold at the top. 
    Was there a test group? Did the test group get nitro if they agreed or something?  Instead of getting defensive and scoffing off the userbase, listening to them would do some good.

  • Olkris

    I couldn't have put it better, I fully agree with you.

  • Marcels


  • Kyo

    As a graphic designer, I am fully agree with his Opinion.

  • ReanimationXP

    As a not graphic designer but a user a with modicum of common fking sense, I "am fully agree with his Opinion" too.

    Please find the person who wasted everyone's time with this rebrand (and you now having to undo it) and have them drug out into the street and shot. Otherwise they'll just do this same thing to whatever other silicon valley company they slither off to after they've been fired.


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