Account disabled for being "underage" and then not responding to age appeal



  • Jeremiahcartersigler

    same thing happened to me, today they have disabled my account for the 3rd time around and I'm about ready to start sewing the company altogether, because this is obnoxious and annoying how they can so easily determine who's account gets termed and for the dumbest reason to note, atp they're being lazy and don't even read into the situation

  • snuukums

    Been waiting 18 days. No response for me either. (37679819)

  • Jchoi38

    exact same thing just happened to me, its been a few days and i wrote numerous emails but never a response, i really want my account back since i have so much memories and history in it, and i dont want to leave my online friends behind

  • Jchoi38

    Jeremiahcartersigler I had my account disabled multiple times too and its so painful and anoyying by now, i fully agree with you

  • Yuhime

    my account was also suspended for the same reason, I wrote to them that the suspension is groundless because I am 21 (which I confirmed by sending proof), but for 3 days no response and the tickets are open..

  • Patrick

    Hello, bringmyaccountback and others.

    I heard you guys had some frustration about updating your age on the platform. Sometimes the ticket volumes can be very high and could take a while. If you do not receive any support, or your ticket is closed, go ahead and open a new one.

    Just to let you know, there are a few requirements for updating you age, which will be listed below.

    To verify your age, please take a photo of yourself (a selfie) holding BOTH of the following:
    1) A photo ID that contains your date of birth
    2) A piece of paper that shows your Discord username (including last 4 digits following your username)

    Once you've taken the photo, submit a request here: and select ""Update my age information on Discord.""

    Feel free to contact me or anyone else in the community if you have any questions or concerns.

    Warm Regards,
    Pat Z


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