Overwhelming and Counter Intuitive New UI



  • LyeWater

    100% this, it's an entirely different style to the desktop and web version of the apps too which is so jarring. Part of the reason I like the UI on discord is the fact they don't overuse corner rounding like so many other apps so these days but this new update does it with almost everything. 

  • z

    Bring back the old UI you scallywags

  • Celia Wu

    The rotation lock thing is a bug that's been around for a while, so I do find it hilrious  that they went through, ruined everything, and didn't even manage to fix the ONE bug that's been bothering me. Actually, they even somehow made that one bug worse, because now it floats your keyboard in landscape mode and covers up half the messages on screen.


  • wander and friend

    This update was so overwhelming that I just straight up gave up messaging and uninstalled. I went to a earlier version but if this stays long term I'm going to struggle to use discord. Which sucks because I use it daily and also I can't even read with the new dark theme. the contrast is so bad. I don't understand how this is considered accessible at all. 

  • Eliasdrid

    wander and friend same - I had it on my phone for an entire day before uninstalling and downgrading and if that didn't work my option was using web mobile forever because at least it's similar to what it was before.

    The new dark theme was bad for me too, I have some light sensitivity issues and it gave me a really bad headache when I was only using the app for a few minutes every few hours; I saw a lot of people complaining about it on servers too. I can't see how any of the changes they did were for accessibility. 

    I hope we can be loud enough that they listen to us.

  • DubbaThony

    I've asked few people what they think about new UI and anwsers I got were between “eh, it's worse but whatever” to “ye, I uninstalled already”. My personal take is “they nuked their UI, it's bearly usable now”

    The ongoing mobile app trend is to proactively make mobile app less usefull and less functional. This does NOT mean that users want it, this does NOT mean it's better in any way, it only means that other corporations pursue that.

    Discord, don't waste your money on anti-productive goals like this UI rework. Now I would expect you to go with sunken cost fallacy and roll with it. It's... Not good. I liked discord app before becouse it was not what industry tied to force feed us - it had everything I could need in neat logical  layout, and was fairly functional. Sure, I would pick on a thing or two, but these were rather minor things. 

    Please, don't chase corpo trends that your userbase actively hates. We had same deal with usernames. Trend chasing for no real reason. That is the reason Discord gets worse over time. Honestly, Im starting to think that if you roll it back, and let it be as is, maybe update internals time to time (bump libraries and such) - the discord would simply be universally better.

  • Élise

    I really must thank discord for drastically reducing my screen time, thanks to this new UI. I now only spend as much time as is necessary on Discord because otherwise I get incredibly frustrated with how difficult it is to navigate my DMs, how hard it is to find my unread messages, or how completely broken the UI gets very quickly, not to mention the small real estate allocated to actually typing, you know, the thing you do in a messaging app.

    I'm sure they've seen mobile usage drop on their side too, and they're seeing the reviews, so at this point I can only assume this is all being pushed by some higher up who will not back down because god knows I've seen stuff like that before. I've cancelled my 8 year nitro subscription, not because I want to “protest with my wallet” but because this update has made discord so useless to me I just text my friends now. Thanks, Discord, for introducing me to a simpler life.


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