Discord, What Were You Thinking?



  • AnxiousFool

    How many more of us will have to scream out before you even consider listening to us??

  • Pericles

    This change is here to stay and I can assure you it will never go back to the old UI. At most they will give you the option to switch between these two. They already did plenty of work doing this UI and if they reverted it, all of this work would go out the window.

    Don't get me wrong, I equally hate this update and I'd love my old and simple UI back. This was once again a change for the sake of making changes. Just not any good ones.

  • Jared Arnold

    If they keep it we can simply move to Revolt or something else. They can move on to obscurity and sameness with all the other chat apps that don't matter. If they want to destroy what they've built to try to compete and farm with other networks that's fine, but they can do it on their own without our support, funding or care. There are alternatives.

    It's now impossible to stim by clicking dms > friend > server > dms > friend > server > in rapid succession and move thru the UI quickly in a satisfying way. This makes it impossible to enjoy or like this change. It makes me stop caring that Discord exists. Clicking all over the damn UI in this manner is not fun.

    What they had was special. It's what made it worth using. This update undoes that for stupid trends. The data is wrong. The flow is wrong. We need to switch back or fix critical issues AFTER letting us revert to stop the stress.

  • AnxiousFool

    Jared Arnold Completly agree. As a neurodivergent user of discord, I liked how easy it was to flip between servers and DM's. It was effortless and required 0 thought. On more than just a physical level (because of issues with my vision and hands), the update is affecting me mentally because not only do I need to think about where things are now, it is so completely different from how it used to be so it no longer feels like a “safe” space. It no longer feels like discord. 

    The notifications (which they claim to be an upgrade) are horrible. Why show me the notification at the top of my screen when I have to go to the bottom? Why can I not see server notifications whenever I am in my DMs? The new update is absolutely not thought-out or user-friendly at all. 


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