[New UI] Default screen when opening discord



  • blinkusblonkus

    You getting paid for this one bud?

  • Quietpickle12

    this post… downvote it…..

  • Sny_de_Treves

    No, I'm obviously not paid, I just don't have the same opinion as you x)
    Maybe don't downvote a post raising an issue just because it expressed an opinion that you disagree with >^<

  • BlazingRaven495

    You do realize that Discord is using you as their “play tester” right? They don't have testers themselves lol

  • Sny_de_Treves

    I don't know if they have testers or not, but for any big update, you'll always count on the community for feedback, even after testing ; that seems like a given to me x)

    Anyway, I don't understand how that's related to the subject at hand.

  • momentomori

    If it was back all to one side you wouldn’t have the problem of it being on the same screen/ tab so if it was back to normal that problem would be fixed simple as that


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