Falsely being reported for fraud and participating in a Discord Activation Program (eneba, G2A, tradeit.gg) IGNORE THIS USERS THEY ARE HACKED ACCOUNTS!!!



  • Xionkai

    Yup this is what happened to me but with a different Scammer who did the exact same discord scam trends on me on March 15th.. 🥲

  • Cardgamer830

    I just happened to have fell for this weeks ago. A good friend of mine messaged me saying they accidentally reported me for fraud. I attempted to appeal to support about it when I was suddenly logged out. I tried logging back in but it kept saying my login or password is incorrect. I even tried changing the password and it still didn't work.

  • Theultimatetd222

    Yeah this happened to me before too. I've been since Jan 22 2024. 

  • retroguy23

    This happened to me as well. Is there a way of getting my account back?


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