Allow server admins to view the server from the point of view of different roles




  • Shikibara

    But you see, Test Account, that is a roundabout method that requires making a separate account, having it logged in on a separate instance, and then going back and forth on that. Whereas with this suggestion, it would be a one button "view as this role" click. Why should we have to jerryrig a duct tape solution when the devs can make a far simpler and much more streamlined methods that would reduce user error.

  • Test Account

    I wasn’t saying that this was a better solution I was giving the solution I currently use so that others might be able to implement it. And unless you are the owner of the server all you have to have is the server tester role and then you can give yourself a separate Admin, Moderator, etc role when you need to make changes and then take it away when you are viewing the server. But I would still love the have a “view as” function.

  • Shikibara

    But my friend, you see, I believe the whole purpose of this thread is because everyone here already knows about making a second test account and we hate the inconvenience of that. We are not ignorant to the method, many of us are here because we've been using that method or we are intentionally wanting to avoid having to use that method. I would honestly be quite concerned if there was a user here who hadn't had the epiphany to make a second account to test permissions under the current system. Thus your suggestion of what you do is merely you stating the obvious that everyone should already know as common sense.

  • Ahmad Awais

    This would make it super easy to test things. It's a mess trying to do it with a second account especially when you have the mac app installed.


  • viker81

    Have a look at this tweet. It seems like they added that feature in now


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