Link your instagram account



  • TTB

    Yes, that would be cool! I believe it's a good idea because they're some of the art on Instagram that if someone was looking on my profile they have an easier way to see my art!

  • DaffyToons

    I really wish that it happend one of these days

  • somiisomii

    I too support this integration! It'd be awesome and very helpful.

  • Ari (.-.)

    yep! We really need this!

  • Nin

    yes %100 i support this

  • Mr. Snacky

    I agree please add this.

  • yeehaw!

    this should really be added as an integration. its public and open, also connects people easily. its the most used platform other than twitter and facebook too.

  • ChirUwU

    Should be added and i dont see any reason to not add it so discord come on now do it and also add other payment methods for Nitro!!

  • Admin

    Please integrate this feature.

    If you Discord developers want Discord to be taken seriously (I.e. not just for gamers) then you need to start integrating services where users can authenticate who they *really* are - Instagram being a HUGE one. (How is this not already integrated!?)

    So many businesses run on Instagram - think of the opportunities for businesses to run through Discord using their Instagram usernames connected to their Discord account.

    More people will want this than what shows in this thread. Only the most desperate will search however integration of Instagram is a big deal. Get on it Discord!! 

  • UmbraKing

    Yes please, we still need this. There are people who dont use Facebook or Twitter. Since Instagram gained such popularity, its now essential to be able to connect your Insta account. It's 2020 and we are still asking for such a thing

  • Lloyd

    Second this, definitely needed.

  • maple

    me too! please integrate this!

  • Chione

    100% needed. I don't understand why it hasn't been integrated already

  • Diranui

    +++ I agree, can anyone tell why it's possible to link with Facebook but not with Instagram?


    Please :-)

  • Scareless

    I would really love this, please Discord lmao.

  • Arife`

    Yep :D

  • ` Kéi†â -

    Evet ben ce instagram bağlantısı çok iyi olur 

  • ` Kéi†â -

    nasıl twitter facebook gibi bağlantı varsa instagram bağlantısıda olmalı bence 

  • STR4NG3R

    How is this not an option yet? This post has been here for 2 years+. There is a facebook connection option already and isn't Instagram OWNED by Facebook? Therefore it makes no sense that this would be a petty party, as facebook is clearly ok with their products being connected to Discord accounts.


    Just make it happen already, please.

  • Calime

    Yes, please! We miss it on Discord!


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