Avatars by server



  • Mr Lemons

    you guys are such drama kings and queens

  • davidx26

    Yes please

  • Thavus

    They are not going to do this it’s been years since this was posted

  • aZure

    Upvote number 5000, and still nothing from the Devs. Please guys this is a must, its been 2 years since this post now.

  • cosmicwind

    Avatars pictures seems to be rocket-science.

  • irish.texan

    yo discords devs wtf though for real

  • Kyouki

    ^^^ Yes Please!!! ^^^

  • Sjors

    Now that working from home is more common, I now have the issue where I have work related servers where I am required to have my actual photo as my icon. But on all the gaming related servers I do not want to have my real photo. Please allow me to have different icons per server, it has become more urgent now than ever.

  • Mx. Stoneheart

    That is a very good point ! It used to be just not wanting to look stupid from one server to the other, but my work really doesn't need to see me joining in as "junkook's left testicle" or whatever lol

  • Nightwing

    Comment #1000 also it would be nice to be able to alter my pfp to match nickname changes


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