Yearly badges for time on discord.



  • nov

    Would still love to see something similar to this implemented. While I think having a separate badge representing each year you have been on discord is unnecessary, it would be nice to have one single badge that updates each year since you had joined with a different theme/design.

    These themes could be submitted by the community through a contest each year similar to Google's logo/doodle contests with the winning design becoming the badge representing the current year since discord began, This could continuously be earned for years to come as people reach that benchmark. 

  • ECC9

    This is all good n fun but I don't think Discord gonan do it.


    but yeah I support this.

  • will i am

    i would love this

  • Ketchup

    I had been on Discord ever since 2016 from memory and, getting something that supports that you have been around for that long would be amazing, I love discord because its so simple and a nice community to hang out with, but having something like this would be amazing and would appreciate the support of some.

    I also think that maybe we could have a whole lot more badges to commemorate a lot more of our commitment to discord and maybe if we get more badges just have it as a dropdown thing for people to look at on your profile.

    If this would be to work you would have to make sure people couldn't market from having different badges.

  • Chaos

    That might be cool

  • Crna Gora

    Great idea.


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