Maintenance mode



  • ʟɪʟ' ᴘsʏᴄʜᴏ

    Actually a good idea.

  • Drecq

    I agree this would be a big help. I know its rough doing updates with everyone on typing.

  • SalientStrike

    Yeah, this sounds like a decent idea actually. Would be cool to see if something of the sort could be implemented.

  • AriPlayzGames

    The only thing I could think is to do this: Make it so new members can't talk, and can only read messages. Make a role called member, which can talk, read, connect to voice channels, but not send images. Then make a trusted member role, which can send images and attach files. If you don't like this, you can add a security option in overview of your server. Hope this helped!

  • Imperialis


  • Skwaleks
    you should be able to give an eta, and a small message.
  • ShuriZma

    You can easily take all permissions from @everyone and take everyones role. nobody will be able to do anything anymore except for you (or the server owner) if you got too many ppl to remove the roles alone, you could just use a bot.
    But the idea to lock a server isnt bad, but maybe you should be able to type in a password or sth like that to bypass the lock.

  • Skwaleks
    Would be handy in case of spambots
  • Bitzy_

    This screen could work like the NSFW screen. Just as a pop up when you click on the icon.
    I think using that design would be good.

  • Lite

    Very useful for big servers planning on big updates.

  • jedi3
    You can revoke read permissions for everyone in channel settings if you have the permissions set up correctly so no one can see anything while you do maintenance. But i do see why you want something like that. Maybe a section in overview in server settings that only admin perm and above can see?
  • callumok2004

    Maybe, if this is added, make an option where you can choose what permissions a user has when each mode is enabled!

  • bastet_of_orion
    An ability to temporarily lock channels (I'm assuming a command that would do so by role?) would be incredibly useful! That being said, raiding can partially be allayed by controlling who's allowed to give server invites, not automatically giving roles to newcomers (and toggling the @ everybody role to also forbid invite creation), cleaning up current invites to restrict which channels may have invites both on Discord and any externally-posted links, increasing the moderation level to make new users wait until they can post anything, and moderating anyone who opens the proverbial door to allow raiders in.
  • Alexandra

    For this a bot can be used to lockdown the channels and not let access into the server. I don't think it should become built into discord though

  • bastet_of_orion

    @Donovan_DMC Having this be a native feature on Discord would be immensely helpful, and not everyone either knows about bots or wants to use them.

  • Ellie

    As well as I believe bots tend to lag when a server is being overloaded by a raid, in terms of having it as a native function, the server could respond to the situation faster and the initial part of the problem will be taken care of.

  • Sledgend

    Instead of only admins being allowed, you should be able to give certain roles the ability to join during maintenance. I don't want to have to give a member admin privileges in order for them to help me out with maintenance. That's a bit risky.

  • ProAceGam3r

    I like the idea, would be very helpful for myself and I would assume many others aswell

  • Nicolai9852

    Nice idea!

  • Dora

    Good idea.

  • Darth
    Additionally, you can set automatic on/off features, for example if x amount of people join over x seconds then do an action
  • OdorousWo1f

    Great Idea! You could also set a custom message like Server Locked: spambots

  • 예나

    Yes, we know bots can do this, but bots are not completely reliable.
    And a slip of a new mod's hand, whether on purpose or accident, renders the whole thing useless. 

    Making it an integration into Discord would be a lot better.

    And like the above comment, setting a reason would be great too - like a website maintenance page - in this way it could be used for servers that are undergoing a revamp and want a big reveal etc. 

  • HappyNewt

    I do want to note that in seeing a lot of people say "Just use a bot!" but most people dont even understand the fact of coding and most bots are pay-to-use when it comes to features like that AND it also starts to flood your user count and the user list. The idea of adding these functions is so people will less rely on bots.

  • Sledgend

    How come every time I leave a suggestion thing and come back to it later, it’s all the sudden actually been posted by Nelly, and it’s slightly different and less detailed? Most of the things said in the comments are because the detail was taken out of the post when Nelly took it over. It’s really weird and I’d rather have my post just be my post and not have other people claim and change it.

    Edit: Not sure if Nelly is actually a function of Discord to better organize and simplify their feedback, but changing the actual feedback seems counter-productive.

  • GTA Tetris

    I don't really see the point. There are various 'bots' which do this and a role which has an admin perm, or the send message perm ticked in channel setting overrides this.

  • thetechguy
    what do you meam?
  • LGA Code
    I think from a security standpoint, this is a great idea. Especially useful for servers that are recovering from a raid.
  • Suspense
    why not
  • MRnolan1030




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