Simplified and Advanced Role/Hierarchy



  • Tuevon

    Yes, yes, yes, 2411 times yes. I run a server with nearly 500 people in it and for a large-ish multi-faceted community, a linear hierarchy does not make sense in any way.

  • Ellie

    You Can Already do this!

    just look up on youtube, discord role menu | you can see how people add color roles to change their name color im pretty sure this is what your talking about right?

    a nice bot for this is | COLOR-CHAN

  • Triggerjo

    I think a simplified way of looking at this would be to be able to create new role hiarchies or categories. The issue with the current system is that if you wish to create channels for seprate games lets say for a gaming group then you can do that however some moderators would be able to hold power of others lower down the list. A greater degree of compartmenalization would be benificial in this case.

    If you allow the creation of new role hiarchies then this means that moderators from one group should not be able to remove roles from a lower role from a separate area of the discord. They can do this now by viewing people names on the left side in the public areas.

    I admin several servers for the gaming group I am in for a youtuber with 50,000 subs, our combined member count is somewhere around 4000. Not the bigest of servers but not small either. We would like to combine the discords however we can not do this without having something mentioned here implimented first.

  • Redrock

    What about this:

    Each role has an optional field associated with it, Owned By (can also be an optional input directly associated with the Manage Roles permission field) 

    This can then be individuals on the server, or other Roles. 

    How I picture it is is like this, if you have two categories (1 and 2) and two sets of admin that shouldn't be able to affect each other (admins A,B,C and admins D,E,F), in your role config, you would assign admins A,B,C as the owners of category 1 and assign admins D,E,F as owners of Category 2. 

    That way they only have manage role permissions on a single role and the hierarchy of the roles doesn't matter (field overrides role position in hierarchy)

  • 9k

    In this spirit, why don't we have more granular control over role pinging permissions? You can control who has the power to use @everyone and @here to ping, so obviously the functionality is there. Is it because of storage concerns that this isn't extended to all roles?

  • Panicakr

    That would not work with the way roles are organized. You could instead make a role called "Supporters" or something and move it above your roles. Give each role a different color so you can tell which user in the Supporters role has which role.

  • kondrv

    Поддерживаю идею целиком и полностью, в моем случае подобная настройка необходима для того чтобы модераторы, не могли переносить из группы в группу администраторов

  • Tuevon

    On the current vs requested role hierarchies.

    The argument is that people who can manage roles are able to only manage roles under them. For example, someone who manages team 1 should not be able to manage members of team 2, which would normally be underneath them in the current structure.

  • Maou

    I 100% need this in my servers


  • Haine Sensei

    This is exactly what I was looking for really hope it’s implemented at some point!

  • rockycanyons

    I agree with this idea, but the question still remains, how would the devs script it. It's very complicated so unless they have a lot of people focused on scripting the system, it might not be implemented. I myself want the feature as well, but a system as suggested above would require extensive amounts of scripting lines and time. I am just trying to be realistic here so take my word with a grain of salt.  

  • Luna Alfien

    Discord already does lots of “scripting”, that isn’t really a valid excuse tbh.

  • rockycanyons

    Fair point. Plus, I wasn't making a excuse since I am not an employee for Discord, thus, it wasn't an excuse I was making. >:) 

  • 0_amicus

    already 2021 and we still hope that it will be heard and it will be put into discord


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