Force disable invisible status in server settings



  • Muse

    @Dr Beesu
    You can bet I was called to wrestle lol. I confess that I was under no obligation to accept that invitation, though. I just can't abide by overbearing, oppressive personalities, and it sometimes brings out a less pretty side of my own personality.

    Misa compulsively insults and demeans discord users here who have said ne'er a harsh word aimed at her. She parroted where others claimed that asking visitors/members to be sociable and visible in the communities they join was a "privacy violation". Nobody asked her to change clothes with the door open, merely to NOT take up space in perpetual 24/7 Invisible Mode.

    If someone is constantly invisible, I think it's fair to suggest that they're not making very good choices with th company they keep, and they may have no idea how the built-in Privacy settings work, and are 100% content never learning how to get better...and be 100% content never learning HOW to show the common decency server owners are saying IN PLAIN VIEW they would like to see from people who join their communities. The entitlement in those rebuttals, criticizing server owners for wanting members who are PRESENT and INVOLVED, is hella thick.

    If you need privacy from all of discord, maybe...don't log into discord, or select Do Not Disturb. If people don't respect boundaries, instead of disrespecting server owners, UNFRIEND or BLOCK the offending parties, if they won't listen. 100% logical reaction.


    She keeps saying "majority" this, and "majority" that, yet stomps all over the actual majority of people who hit this page and upvotes in agreement that people hiding in perpetual Invisibility is rude. 


    Did I mention that editing posts, merely to correct typos and broken formatting,made was also made (by Misa) into another excuse for her to react in a toxic manner towards me? An edit. Because of a typo. Distorted, twisted and spun out of context into a fictitious scenario she could make more nasty remarks about?

    I never said people who disagree are dumb; in fact, I clearly stated that "dumb" is arguing for the sake of arguing, and stating "facts" that are actually opinions or impressions. Yet Misa hops back in and goes "U CALL EVERY1 WHO DISAGREEZ 'DUMB'", when everybody with eyes saw the opposite happen.

    That behavior is trademark of unhealthy people.

  • onethesigma

    You guys clearly have plenty of extra time. Please continue this debates. And I want to make a confession, I upvoted one of my downvoted comments to make it 0 again lol lol lol

  • Muse

    I'd love to know what discord server some of you are from. Most people don't subscribe to the comments here (understandably), and most of the contrary responses seem to orbit around one specific person, as if they're ranting about us, and inviting others to "see for yourselves" without context.


    I'm sure not everyone here has servers in common, but I'd be willing to bet some of the spammy upvoting/downvoting of specific users' every post (in numbers of 3-4 within 3 minutes of each other) are no coincidence. 

  • Hulk

    If I may, allow me to suggest another alternative solution: just bring out the ban hammer and smash the inactives. :p

    Also, anyone invisible could just use the IDLE status instead and you still won't know whether they're actually on, active, or not, any way. So this suggested feature is awfully pointless.

  • tmalan

    Please allow this.


    If a member wants their privacy respected then they can make the choice not to enter a discord server that asks them to go visible.  That simple.

  • Twy

    So I read the title and original post with immense doubt and after going through 2+ pages of comments... I can say that mentality has remained. Reading through all this I have yet to see even a single comment in support of this that cannot be torn apart by a stiff breeze. I feel like the most appropriate answer for most of the comments in this thread is "Just no. Simply no. Have an inkling of common sense or reasoning." but I will try to address some of them in detail anyways...

    "It stops creepy stalkers reading all my server logs." - It really does not. Whether someone is invisible or visible they will 'creepily' read all your logs. Nothing really changes. Now they are just 'creepily' reading it while set to online. Stop whipping it out in front of them if you do not want them to see it.

    "I want to know when people read messages!" - Discord does not have read receipts. This is absolutely impossible.

    Whether someone is online, offline, invisible, away, or DnD then you have absolutely no way to tell whether they have or have not read a message. With, I suppose, the exception of sitting and staring unblinkingly at their status to make sure they do not hop on their phone for 15 seconds to respond to a message in PMs before continuing on with their life, still not having read it. Trying to claim 'They were online so I know they read it' is just baffling and absolutely wrong. 'I even sent out a ping so I know they saw it!' No, you absolutely do not. I assure you that you do not know when they might turn to pet their dog or be away for 2 minutes getting a drink or any other countless scenarios where you are not the center of their life.

    "<Anything at all about community engagement>" - Status has no bearing on community engagement. Unless perhaps they are set to DND as people in this thread demand, at which point engagement/activity will likely drop quite a bit on average.

    If you have an issue with people sitting on your server not interacting then I am afraid that is your problem and entirely on you. If you have a problem with it then remove them. The idea that someone would magically start interacting because they are forced into an online status is simply wrong. They are still going to sit there avoiding/ignoring interaction just as much. Put a bot on your server to kick people if the issue keeps keeping you up to all hours of the night or waking you up in a cold sweat, since you are not capable of pruning inactive members yourself.

    No one gauges community involvement on how many hours you are logged in and the fact that so many people seem to be suggesting exactly that is bizarre. Community engagement involves ACTUAL community engagement. Complain about someone for not interacting enough, not for not meeting your designated quota of hours logged on ignoring the server. Message count and active time. Just... wow.

    All the arguments about online status promoting engagement are just so utterly absurd laughable. I can only assume that people think that because someone talks a ton and is more chipper when they are online but then sometimes are not in the mood (tired/chill/sad/busy) and so switch to invisible and far more quiet... that somehow people think that forcing them into being online will force them into being chipper and talkative all the server owner wants.

    You would be better off throwing a fit that users should not be able to mute your server and that you should be able to ignore DND mode and send notifications to people anyways. Protip: People who are invisible and do not already have your server muted are incredibly more likely to engage in the community than people who are set to DND as you demand.

    "They should just set themselves to DND! I would respect that!" Obviously you would not since you are not respecting their choice to set themselves as invisible.

    People set themselves to invisible because they do not want to interact and you are entirely disregarding it. People in this thread talking about stalker alt accounts to pursue individuals VERY obviously have even less respect for the people around them. Discord is a COMMUNITY. Not the miniscule community of your server but a collage of countless communities covering countless topic. And more than that it has PMs, it has personal communication and networking. There are a number of solid situations where the invisible status provides a lot of utility, perhaps the biggest of which is simply having a bad day, days, week, whatever it may be. Going invisible removes expectations for a response and leaves you to your own matters however you might feel. Turning on DND pushing away your friends and community who you might need most at the time. Not only that but it very openly declares that you are online/around, and as this thread illustrates individuals care very little about those who want to be left alone or take time away from things. Fix your broken expectations of 'offline'.

    There are privacy issues to this, obviously, but more alarming that that, perhaps, are the issues it brings to light... Just a deeply disturbing emphasis on control and a demand for attention. You want to know when people see your messages but you are unwilling to accept that even if they are online there's a good chance they will not see them? You are demanding absolute devotion. Same for complaints about admins? Unpaid workers should not be allowed to take time for themselves, I understand. All for your cause. If they are awake then they are yours. Lunch break at their real job? They do not deserve the luxury of talking to friends without you breathing down their neck. A surprising and disturbing amount of paranoia and controlling attitude in this thread. Stop obsessing over whether people are online or not. Or better yet consider someone more 'together' and less insecure to take control of your server, it might do an immense amount of good for the 'community engagement problems' you have. Stop being creepy stalkers spying on everyone and keeping records of who is online and who is offline.

    All in all this is a proposition that can only -hurt- the community as a whole, even if only slightly, and more for the server that participate while catering to a small number of overly controlling individuals. And sure people can just leave servers that have this implemented, as they rightfully should, but it is wasted time and effort of a dev team who could be doing countless other things to actually help the community and it is nothing but a path for abuse and a middle-finger to the community members. Just can not downvote this enough. None of the deep and alarming personal issues in this thread/suggestion would be solved by the proposed change.

  • tmalan

    @Twy.  Those are all valid points but I still don't see why this is an issue if server visibility is an optional feature.  It should also notify you of this before entering the server to give you an option to leave.


    Don't want to be seen?  Don't go in that server.

    Want a server like the one you were in to be invisible?  Make a new server with the setting set to invisible.

    I'm sure if the majority of members of a server felt strongly to have it invisible they could pressure the admin to disable the feature.

    I still don't think there is anything wrong with the option.  Options give us choices to meet our specific needs.

  • Kiljaeden

    That's a whole lot of words to say nothing of any value :D
    Jesus Christ man, no matter how much you get your panties in a bunch about people taking your freedums away, it doesn't change the simple fact that I as a server owner should be able to set rules about how the server is run.
    Anyone that wants to use a social application without being social is free to join plenty of other servers without this ruling in place. There is zero argument of any value to argue against this. We aren't imposing sanctions or controlling anyone (in your head maybe) we are giving people a choice to abide by a rule.
    This really isn't rocket surgery. Do you agree with these server rules? No racism, no sexism etc etc. No invisible. If you agree then welcome aboard, if not, no hard feelings but.... Gtfo and voyeur somewhere else.
    Why on earth would you argue against this 'server specific' choice unless you're a creeper?

  • scotus

    The idea that an admin disallowing invisible status is an invasion of privacy is so ridiculous as to be absurd. Most lurkers who use invisible do so *to invade the privacy of others.*

    I have many other choices for my voice servers. And Discord will not get any more of my money if they continue to allow people to invade my privacy.

    Live with it.


  • Hulk

    Imagine being called an invader of privacy because you appear lower on a list.

    To be honest, the entire argument is nonsense. The addition of this as a feature would literally change nothing, and therefor its just pointless.

  • Joshh

    I still haven't seen anyone explain how being invisible is beneficial or useful at all.

  • Guiggr

    Does anyone knows any bot that could do that? Or like prohibit messages from invisible people?

  • Kruell Nation

    To those people who think privacy should be in the hands of the individual... You are right with the exception of WHOs house you made the choice to walk into. If the house rules say NO invisibility. You either abide by the rules or get out. 

    So in this case. I think the admins should have the right to block invisibility mode on their servers. When a new user joins the server they should be met with a disclaimer that warns them invisibility disable has been activated for this server. They then have to agree or not. No one is forcing you to visit a specific server but if you want to then you have to abide by the server owner's rules or get your own server. Simple as that.

    For existing servers, I can see that being tricky. But again... it kind of falls into the realm who owns the server. Perhaps that feature should only be allowed to be turned on or off once every 30 days with a 4-day warning to all users the server will be enacting this policy 4 days from date X. That gives them time to clean up or save their stuff if they decide they do not want to be on the server anymore. 


    I am not saying activate this for public servers, in fact, I don't think it should be an option for a public server. But for private servers like mine then HELL YES. If you are in my house I want to know you are in my house.


    Now maybe there can be specific roles assigned that can see invisible players. Maybe only admins can see invisible players. But in any case. The person who is responsible for the server, the person who is going to get their server deactivated should it be abused in a way that requires the server to be removed from discord... That person should have the full right to know who is on their server at ALL times.

  • Joshh

    Sever owners have the right to know who's in their server or not. Of you don't like the fact that the invisibility option is disabled on a server, you can leave it.

  • argonautilus

    Someone wanting to be invisible isn’t always personal or “sneaky.”
    “Online,” even in “do not disturb,” is typically taken by users to mean “present and able to see your communication.” People who are frequently harassed, or simply popular, are more likely to be DMed or pinged if people think their message will be seen immediately. It’s less exhausting and frustrating to stay hidden. People who tend to dip in and out of chats rather than sit down and participate for a few hours at a time may also prefer an “invisible” status to avoid giving people false expectations. Especially in RP servers, it’s not unreasonable for someone to want to quietly catch up without giving a false sense of “presence.”
    Simply asking for this feature sets an uneasy precedent. “If you’re online and in do not disturb, why didn’t you read my message first???” People are allowed to be in a hurry, or too exhausted to do certain activities while wanting to do others, or need or simply want to be in their DMs/other servers without signaling they’re active on Discord. People do not owe you a signal of activity.

    If you’re a mod sending a server-critical message, require users react with a particular emoji upon reading the message. After a certain number of days, DM members who haven’t reacted.

  • facepalmdodger

    Honestly, they need to add a feature that allows the server to turn it on or off. It notifies every member when they enter the channel, and they have the right to leave at any point. As both sides have very valid points. However if you dont want to be in a server where you cant be invisible, but others do want to stay, it is a choice. This thread isnt a debate its an argument. Everyone has decided to get pissed and annoyed at everyone. Maybe lets get to the problem at hand which is differing opinions, that after seeing all this wont change via this. That is why they need to allow it, however also let it be publicly known. You cant decide to say no because half say yes and half say no, you make a compromise.

  • A Sleepy Doggo

    If you are afraid of someone “lurking” in a discord server, maybe you shouldn’t be saying that shit in a server and take it to dms

  • AsTralis

    There should be an Option if u are invisible u wont be able to see other people's status too. that's how things go fair in both ends, Point to be added: An invisible user must have restrictions over Server, why u need to hide and have all the access over the server! if u need to use the server u have to change ur status, and stop naming it as privacy.

  • !!!ahhhhh!!!

    If you don't like people with their status as invisible, you can kick/ban them.
    What difference does it make if they're invisible? They're still there.
    Some of you are saying people are lurking.
    So? People can still lurk when they are online/dnd/idle, they just don't need to send messages and you won't even know if they are talking with others in other servers.

    Also why would you care if someone is invisible?
    Not like you get a dollar for every person thats online.

  • !!!ahhhhh!!!

    In server settings there is a members tab. Doesn't really make a difference looking from your point of view.

  • A Sleepy Doggo

    Going to agree with ahhh, what affect does someone being invisible have on you, you act like as if they are stalking you in person. There is nothing wrong with going invisible. If I’m trying to ignore someone, I’m going on invisible, not dnd because dnd lets them know I’m still there

  • NitroCorrupted

    For some reason people are still posting on this. I don't know why or how but I've been getting notifs for way to long now so ima say my big piece and hopefully move on. Although I might still come in every once in a while. There's also no point in talking here since its like a console war, no one wants to hear anyone other than people they agree with.
    Anyways I think its stupid to try to get rid of it. It makes the invisible feature completely useless and is a stupid way to try to say someones lurking.
    If you're gonna try to say someone is lurking like that, then we might as well also ban mobile notifs. If you're offline but you get a notification to your phone, the message never goes away. Even if you delete it. So I guess those gotta go away too.
    Its a nice feature to have and has really no reason to be removed. Know one is stalking you using invisibility and they can do that anyways through many other means.
    Seems like the people saying this are too worried about people seeing their public messages that they put into a public discord server, which honestly doesn't make much sense.

  • dakota


    Some users appear offline because they do not want to be bothered, or they want to avoid someone. This suggestion is completely eradicating the offline status. People should be able to appear offline if they want to. If you are upvoting this suggestion, you must have a lot of people ghosting you. Yikes.

  • dirt

    "I just can't abide by overbearing, oppressive personalities"

    bro how do u live with urself

  • AsTralis

    The Problems with invisible people can be easily solved, Just put restrictions based over Sever for invisible people and let them be in their own world. they wont be able to use the server if they aren't willing to show up. they will continue with their DM's. 

  • Joshh

    Invisible function serves no other purpose than snooping around, wanting people to think you're offline. If you don't want to be bothered, do not disturb mode is a thing. Either you're online or you're not. I don't see a use In making people think you're offline. It's weird.

  • JAti-HUN

    According to that topic, i would have an other option to hide people who is still our "member" but theirs Status always showing "BUSY" (or do not disturb)

    I would use an auto role for these and make them Invisible when they wouldn´t be reachable...  

  • velocity

    I actually managed to do this through discord.js , however please respect peoples privacy and use this only for testing purpouses , anyways here it is... So basically it caches offline users , and gives them a role without view_channel permissions , but when that user comes online , it removes that role.It wont make a difference for ppl who are actually offline , but for invisible , it will block them from chatting , effectively acting as an anti invisible ,put this in the message event of your discord bot. And make sure to create an invisible role in ur server for this to work.... Anyways , i repeat again , respect others privacy and do this only for testing 

    let person = message.guild.members.cache.filter(member => member.presence.status === "offline")

      person.forEach(ppl => {

        var role= message.guild.roles.cache.find(role => === "invisible");

        var roler= message.guild.roles.cache.find(role => === "member");



      let person2 = message.guild.members.cache.filter(member => member.presence.status !== "offline")

      person2.forEach(ppl => {

        var roler2= message.guild.roles.cache.find(role => === "invisible");




      var roler3= message.guild.roles.cache.find(role => === "invisible");

    message.guild.channels.cache.forEach(channel =>{




            deny:['VIEW_CHANNEL' , 'SEND_MESSAGES'],



  • JAti-HUN

    Thanks @velocity for your reply!
    could you help me please how to install?

    I downloaded and installed already the Node.js but I can´t find what to do with it.

    I am using YAGPDB too, and i am more familiar with it, but I also can´t find where should i set it. 
    I already made a custom cammand for that, but nowhere can i find it

    Thank you!



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