Generate an invite link to add a user to a role.



  • Wolf

    Good stuff 👍

  • Wayland

    Please devs, make this happen.

  • 〘⋌【Alcahest】⋋〙

    The auto role on join is possible with Tatsumaki (and if i don't remember bad) with Mee6, good idea, but a little useless if there are bots that do the same thing

  • An Experience

    I would want this as a discord server owner, but also on "never expiring invites" in case you wanna cater to certain groups, with the luxury of tracking how many users use the invite.

    (ex: league players who use the invite will get the "league" role, etc.)

    Bots already doing this (like mee6 or tatsumaki) is great, but they can't distinguish who joins, and generally add a single role or many, to any individual who joins, whereas having this implied feature linked to invites simplifies the process by allowing the use of specific invites for certain groups of people. It's overall easier on the users/discord server owners to have this tool be this intuitive since most people would rather it be done in one click, rather than set up custom commands or get a bot to somehow do this ; after they join, give them the role manually.

  • Axralt A

    Very good idea ! It's will be better than bots. 😂

  • phantompouet

    I really like this idea, I made a mock up : 

  • 63p

    Great idea 👌

  • An Experience

    @Phantom that's absolutely perfect, I hope this example gets seen faster, it's exactly what most people who manage huge servers would personally want, as long as it isn't exclusive to Twitch Subs or some other weird integration. This should be for ANY role on the server, for any type of invite.

  • D A K U M A

    Allow the admins of the server to define which roles are allowed to award roles to other members.

    When a member is creating the link, display all the roles that the user is allowed to give in checkbox format.

    Also allow the admins to define a default role that applies to all links and is not uncheckable by the creator of the link, for example a member role (if the server wants everyone to have the member role at all times)

  • ShuriZma

    you could use bots that allow users to give them those roles themselves 



    i don't want people to self-assign roles in my server.

  • voiden.

    Dyno, Mee6 and tatsumaki all do this...

  • ShuriZma

    its actually the same if you got 3 invites and each got an own role or if you got 3 roles that all people can assign one of them to themselves.

  • DH 🐉

    Tatsumaki will apply the same role regardless of invite used so no, Tatsumaki can not do this specifically.

  • Wayland

    Thought that's the case @Mydragonsfly as I've explored the API and found no way for a bot to determine what invite was used to join.

  • Terraclock

    That's a really neat idea!

  • chloroform chloe

    No, I'm not tired of it. Dude, just create an integration lol. They do that for you already.

  • Killerzwerg

    The most needed feature in Discord !

  • ImRock

    I mean there is no harm in using bots ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • mikeu

    Any updates on this?

  • 〘⋌【Alcahest】⋋〙

    i don't think so

  • Kyees

    Please add this.  Been looking for the past few hours to find a way to do this.

  • Silverhawk

    I'd say the harm in using bots is that you have to know how to configure them, or that it's even an option. The average user would have to look up guides just to get started, it would be much easier if there was simply a drop-down box that you could select which role was given to everyone upon joining the server.

  • bastet_of_orion
    This would be neat to see incorporated into the verification levels for moderation.
  • JoshuaLovesCode

    Please add this!!! It's a awesome idea!

  • Zahlea

    I really want this too... It seems like such a basic functionalitiy, it should be included without the need for a bot :) I really like that it would allow one to track how many users used each invite link.

    Even better if you could name the invites (but if the invite overview showed what role people got, that would work well enough to see which link is which).

    Another possible improvement to the idea: Assigning several roles? So that it's not limited to just the one role. That would open up for a bunch of cool customisation of invite links!

  • aseiryo

    Yes please. This was asked for like 3 or so years ago and I'm surprised it's still not a thing.

  • Poetgetic

    I would like this myself. Have a server for just friends of mine but we've been inviting people outside our circle for other games and purposes. Be nice if I could create an invite link for a role so I can lock out a certain role from categories instead of setting "@everyone" to nothing for every category/channel we have. Had a problem with one guy leaving the server and reusing the link to get around the separation. Actually submitted a separate request but it seems to have gotten closed without comment. I assume it was because this thread already existed.

  • X-Gaming

    this would be nice to have on a discord server.

    for normal people or content creators.

    normal people can use it the way "Poetgetic" said And Content creators like a youtuber or stream (or both) can make and invite on she/his youtube to give them a role called Youtube sub (or something) the same goes for the streamer she/he can make and inv just with Stream viewer so she/he knows where they are invited from.

    and i know discord have a thing where if you link your Twitch/Youtube to your discord and one of your follower/Sub joins they can get a role, but i think this will work better because not all people are linking there profiles.

  • Neztore
    Whats wrong with using bots? The point of bots is to provide custom and helpful features not widely enough required to be added to discord.

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