Nested Categories



  • Doom Hunter

    This is gonna make for a great addition in Discord, especially for huge 300+ discord servers!

  • feetis face


  • Killklli

    This was possible in Vent, it would be cool to have here.

  • SupraN [NAP]

    Yes, please add sub-categories, thank you!

  • Vex


  • Deum

    Honestly surprised this isn't already a feature.

  • AnnaLeena

    Please yes!

  • ☆~ElijahRS~☆

    Oh hell yes! This would help me with making my server MUCH more newbie friendly, they won't need to be ULTRA OVERWHELEMED by hundreds of area chats in my roleplay, i upvote this harder than a supersonic jet smashing into earth


  • NOE

    Any news about this finally being a thing? 


    Maybe just a reply by Staff if they are considering it or not?

  • Jiggernought

    This would GREATLY increase not just user satisfaction, but as an admin I want this so badly. i would love to be able to make sub-categories. just 1 nested is plenty, really. I NEED DIS PLS

  • LeSauvage

    I am down !!! We need this !

  • Critical

    We certainly do, so simple yet so effective!

  • Castor

    BIIIIG +1. Please keep us up to date if this happens. Please. PLEEEEASE.

  • Ed94

    I really need this. I don't want to make multiple servers its annoying.

  • AaronFromEarth

    And update on this? I saw a Reddit post from 3 years ago where Discord said this was in development. 

  • Ciel

    I guess they don't want to deal with making horizontal scrolling. This would make so many things more convenient and it's so simple to do.

  • Jiggernought

    That's so silly though. Horizontal scrolling already doesn't exist for names that are long. We don't care about that. We just want more organization and tidying in our servers. PLS GIB DEEZKARDS.

  • Tarkhiel

    100% d'accord, 'suis dans la même situation

  • Aiz

    Or just avoid horizontal scrolling by making the sub-channel's text smaller?

  • Ciel

    It's the only thing I can think of that would hold this up. There's not really any technical reason this should be difficult to implement. The UX aspect is all I can conjecture.

  • AdultContent

    Why is this not happening yet? It would be so easy to do I'd think. Also it would save so much space and time on Role Playing channels too. I need this for my servers. >< 

    Category: Housing
           Channel: Apartment Building
                Sub Channel: Apt 201
                Sub Channel: Apt 306
           Channel: Mobile Home Park
                Sub Channel: John's Home
    Category: Pub & Inn
          Channel: Bar area
             Sub channel: The Office
             Sub Channel: The Kitchen
          Channel: Rooms
             SC: Room 1 
             SC: Room 2 

    etc. This really can't be hard to implement. I wish we could make something even on a bot that could make something like this but I get that it's an entirely different type of coding. 

  • Spud
    To me, personally, that sounds like it could get a bit confusing. But I'm sure some servers with a lot of channels would find that useful.
  • Magnetically

    @spudpotato Yeah, I'm not saying that you should have to, I just want it as an option. (btw the one I want is the one on the left, the one of the right is the one we have)

  • Spud

    Ah, I just saw the diagram @Magnetically - it makes sense now. 👍

  • hiruki8


  • Skimanner

    Everyone wants this and it totally boggles my mind that the ability to create sub-categories did not get created from the start.  But even though it wasn't created as an option from the start it's even more confusing that the functionality has not been implemented for so long while everyone complains about it.  It mainly confuses me that it has not been added because of how easy of an addition it would be.  


    Things are a mess without sub-categories on a lot of servers.  For example one of the servers I use for a game is for our alliance but my alliance has 8 sister alliances all under the leadership of our main alliance.  So in any normal program this would be no issue.  

    You would simply have a category for each Alliance and sub categories within each alliance for organizing that alliance.  For example:


    > Alliance 1

         >chat rooms

              #general chat

              #raid chat

              #officer chat

        >team rosters

             #desert roster

             #ocean roster


    >Alliance 2


                #chat 1

                #chat 2



               #repeat 2

    >Alliance 3




    but instead our server looks like this


    >Alliance 1

        #general chat

        #raid chat

        #officer chat

        #roster a

        #roster b

        #roster c

        #roster d

    and it goes on for a good 30 channels all in 1 category and then 30 more for alliance 2 category, etc.  giving absolutely no organization at all unless you setup a very complicated server and spent a lot of time on the creation.  Then you could have a category for chats and have all the chats for all alliances in that category but you would only see the alliance channels for the alliance your in, thus making it very organized.  Except for the big problem that the organization and functionality will be 100 times worse for the leadership that needs access to every alliance.




  • Nanobug

    For the love of all that is sacred, please do this!
    1 or 2 sub categories would be glorious!

  • Marz

    Please im still waiting for this...........

  • makememental

    Having the ability to create Categories with sub categories and or Channels with sub channels would be incredibly useful and very much helpful for SO many reasons. I hope that discord really considers this, then make it happen.  

  • Diamond💎

    Can we please get this? I really need this feature.


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