Nested Categories



  • DeMiNe0

    The disorganization of channels in very large discords makes me want to punch babies in the face. Please discords devs, think about the BBs.

  • lumb'er
    not good.
  • T3KKAD4N

    We need this feature would make communities much more organised that why I suggested this as well along with others. Please consider this discord Dev team. Cheers

  • NieczystyKamyk

    Create a category without any channel and put it upper 

  • EpicPix

    i would love that!!!! Finally someone made a feedback for this yessss

  • Jelly27Fish

    Ok, I'm not against this idea... but I certainly wouldn't be a fan if they let it go past 3 or 4 ranks down... I like things organized but if you let it go on infinitely, you'll end up with servers that have a sub category inside another sub category inside another sub category inside yet another and another and another... you get the picture. Without a limit, this could get REALLY out of hand. If it does become a thing, it should only be able to have up to three or MAYBE four categories inside of each other... just three would already look like "Game Chats: Undertale: Memes: Bad Time" And you would have an entire category JUST for voice and text channels featuring Undertale memes of Sans and his glowing eye. Now, I'm sorry if you don't like Undertale, it was the best game I could think of that people wouldn't instantly hate on like Fortnite or Minecraft, but you get the picture... and that's only THREE levels down, I can't imagine how you'd need it to go down any FURTHER into DEEPER sub categories. Three to four is plenty enough.

  • charitwo
    Nested categories or channels can get really messy really quickly. I'm not sure I see a practical use for this.
  • AvenDreen

    This would greatly help in a lot of Role Play communities where you are trying to sort out campaign, notes, out of character and multiple areas of the map that the players may be at any moment in time.  As of right now being in some of those servers. they lack organization due to only being able to throw certain information all under the same tab. and it becomes heavily jumbled and lost. 

  • XΞN

    This would be an incredibly helpful feature.  Collapsible sub-categories are very needed.

  • T3KKAD4N

    This would make server organisation much better and much needed feature. Please for the love of God add this. Thanks

  • Aiz

    Literally only having the ability to nest one more category increases the amount of organization possible. I wouldn't recommend beyond three sub-categories though. I could see the argument up to three, but anything beyond is far too much.

    In regards to the comment(s) that say it will get messy.. It already is on servers with large amounts of channels for one reason or another.

  • MiBTaz

    There are valid arguments to both having sub categories and disallowing them. However, management of the server itself should be left to the server admins and the software should be adaptable and robust enough to allow the individual admins to configure the server the way that makes sense to them. Nested categories would be a good feature to add type support this.

  • Auniverse

    That would be so great.

  • Teeg

    Please add this!

  • T3KKAD4N

    I hear that it has been issued to some communities already so it seems that it not readily visible to everyone, great feature suggestion as many people voting for. Please dev team get this rolling and not shove it aside. Much appreciated thank you.

  • margen67

    how is this not already a thing

  • Infinity

    I'm waiting for this like for an eternity :| And I only need to have category -> sub category -> text and void channels nothing fancy... just to keep things more organized 


    I really need Sub-Categories and Sub-Channels!!!

  • Anima

    It’s been a whole year since this was suggested Discord, smh

  • Novhoshii

    Yeah and I'm still hoping Discord sees this and adds ~~ More people commenting and voting makes that more likely

  • Blake

    its way too popular not to be a feature, the more people make the topic on here, the more attention it draws


  • Auniverse

    This needs to be added.


  • QuickNick

    I just created a Discord server and one of the first things I wanted to do was create a set of categories with sub-categories. I can't believe this isn't possible. Such a basic requirement for ordering and categorising stuff. And even more surprising given that users have been asking for this "feature" for at least a year now, I'm guessing this would imply that they have no intention of adding it. Also, why are all channel names converted to lower-case?

  • Morpheus

    Need this!!!

  • Infinity

    Still this feature is not implemented... this is a must have, I need this for my multi gaming community :|

  • KipSaidSo

    This would improve the quality of life on my server by leaps and bounds. Nested categories, even one level deep, would honestly reduce so much clutter and tidy things so much. This is a feature I will pay for.

  • IcePantha



    Regarding the idea of sub categories it would be beneficial to all users on discord and would be beneficial due to bigger communities could have all games in one server.

  • maloci

    this would help so many role play servers if it happen even for one sub

  • AnthoNy

    Yes. Please make this a thing.

    We have to resort to empty categories as father categories and it just looks confusing to people.


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