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  • Orius

    This is already possible by changing two permissions. So here's how you'd do it in your scenario:

    1. Open your Server Settings, then Roles.

    2. Go to your blue Admin role and disable "Display role members separately from online members"

    3. Go to your lower yellow role and enable the same permission.

    And congratulations! You've successfully made a "Primary Role!"

    Here's an example for my "Fan" and "DJ" roles.

    Have a great day!

  • Phoenix--Project

    What i meant was having the color of the fan role too without having it higher in the role list and without removing the color of the DJ role.

  • Purpzie

    I'm having a hard time following this. You mean custom colors? There's a lot of bots out there that can already do this :D

  • zSnails

    Bro, you can do this, just remove the color from the other roles, and leave the color roles with color.

  • Zacatero
    I guess I'm not fully understanding this. If you don't want role1 to impose the color... Just don't give it a color. You only take the color of your highest colored role. So if I have an orange role but I also have five roles above it but none of them have colors... I'm still orange.
  • CarcinogenZ

    No, its not the same, removing the color of an important role like "admin" would not help, we need a priority system like OP said, so the top role isn't the color set on the name for exceptions and such

  • deantrbl

    I was about to create a new topic facing my issue but this is exactly what I want for the server I'm in. Allowing people with primary roles to have a secondary role (like we do now), but without having to change our main color due to role sorting. Right now I want to get new roles, but these roles are listed above the one I have as primary, so if I buy them my color will change for the first role in order priority which I don't want as primary.

  • xTheKraZe96x

    I know this is a bit of an older topic, but I have the same scenario where I want to have the ability to assign multiple roles to people, but have one of those roles be their "primary" role that shows in the member list above all others, regardless of their hierarchy ranking.

    For example, my discord server is for my NHL 20 hockey club. I've created roles that mimmick the 6 different positions of the players. Each member can assign themselves multiple roles to show that they play each of those specific positions, but I'd like to be able to let those players pick one of those roles to show over all the others.

    Ex: Some of my players play Goalie, but also play other positions. I'd like their Goalie role and color to show in the member list instead of the other role colors that are higher in the hierarchy.

    This isn't just as easy as "Hey, just put Goalie above the others", because some of the guys who have Goalie as a role only play it as a secondary position. Same as how some people play either Left Wing or Right Wing primarily, but also have Center listed as one of their positions. I'm primary Center, with secondary Left and Right Wing. Again, the same problem persists. It's not just as easy as "Make Center higher than the others", because then the guys who play Wing positions would show as Center instead of either Wing position.

    And to be clear, these 6 roles I have are purely cosmetic, but without having the ability to set one of them as primary for a user, it somewhat defeats the main purpose for them.

  • ofb923

    I know I'm also a bit late to this but when looking at roles in the "server settings" tab, you can drag the roles in the roles column (see picture) so that the highest role is at the top and the lowest role is at the bottom.   

  • xTheKraZe96x

    ofb923 - That would be great! ... if it would do what people have been asking.

    Try reading thru my post, as I feel it gives the best description of what's being asked and why people would want it.

  • Giea

    I found an answer (I think) to the original issue because my Mee6 was having issues.


    Go to Server Settings > Roles > Then drag and drop (having the highest priority on top).

    I think this is what the first post was originally asking.  I didn't have to change colors, or anything. I had an issue with my Mee6 not automatically promoting new channel members when they reacted to my #rules page. I literally moved my Mee6 in Server Settings > Roles to the top, without changing color, or role, and it was able to give those roles, whereas when it was lower on my list it wasn't able to do so.

    Hope this helps.

  • xTheKraZe96x

    Giea - No, that's not what the problem is.

    From the OP:
    "So if i had an admin role which is blue, then a lower role that is yellow set as a primary role, the user with both roles will display as yellow and not blue."

    Which means they wanted to have it so that user's color would be that of the lower-ranked role, not that of the Admin role (which is near the top).

    Re-aligning role priorities shouldn't be the answer to this.

    Not to mention, that "solution" has been mentioned and rejected a few times already.

  • Giea

    That's weird because that's exactly what my solution did.  Who'd of thunk it.

  • xTheKraZe96x

    Giea - I have no doubt that it would "work" to an extent, in the sense that the color change would happen, but it doesn't address the issue correctly. Lowering something like the "Admin" role to be a lower priority isn't what should be done.

    In my case, it wouldn't address anything correctly, as it would affect more people than it would help.

    What's being discussed is the idea that a user could have any number of roles, but that either the server admin or user could select which role/color is displayed in members the list, rather than simply defaulting to the highest role that user has.

  • 2+25

    Why do people keep suggesting to re-order roles.

    Maybe they don't understand so let me explain.

    Role order is a hierarchy. So a higher ranked role can change settings on lower ranked roles.

    So let's say I want to have someone who can moderate the server and roles below them but want their color to be the same as all the other members and to show as a regular member


    Admin (red)

    Moderator (blue)

    Member (green)

    Right now anyone with the Moderator role is going to show as blue in the sidebar. What is being asked is for us to be able to have that person who has both the member and moderator role show as green like all the other members. To be able to choose which role is shown on the sidebar, both as to what grouping and what color.

    the suggestion to move member above moderator would solve the color problem sure, but then members would be able to change role settings for moderators. Clearly not what is wanted.

  • Nymtheriel

    I think that's because people don't understand why you would want that. Also, I suspect it'd be difficult to implement. Would your problem be solved by having "hidden" roles (e.g., in your example marking the "moderator" role as "invisible" so that members can't see it on each other?), that seems like it might be more straightforward to do than to muck around making hierarchies conditional. 


    Has anyone got the solution? 

  • stelle

    Hello! This is a problem to my server too. We have streaming members for certain artists. Some of the members stream on multiple platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music simultaneously but hierarchy roles don't work on us. Because most of the members are default under the Spotify role despite that their primary streaming application is YouTube or Apple Music.

    You can see here that the highest is Spotify.

    Here is an example member whom I want to have YouTube as their primary role but I can't coz there is no available option to do that. I can't make Spotify colorless either as it defeats the purpose of having color roles per streaming app. 


    So please if anyone can help, let us know. We need an option to display a secondary role as their primary role, simply assigning of roles without the hierarchy so member lists are accurate 

  • shoradan

    We Face the same Problem. Looking forward to a Solution.

    We have the following roles in the following order (new world game Discord):

    Admin (red)
    Gouverneur (yellow)
    Konsul (green)
    Officer (blue)

    Sience iam the Admin but not the Gouverneur (iam a Konsul) my nametag is Red but it should be green.

    Maybe this makes it clearer...

  • Vibex

    Hello I believe that I have a solution to the name colors not changing to the highest role. All you have to do is clear all permissions from the lower roles so that they do not interfere with the name colors!

  • Sunny down

    I was looking at this today because I have the highest rank in a server and we set up icons for each rank. 

    I would like to be able to each one of us, choose what rank they want first. like dragging the order of the ranks from your profile. 

    I put the rank i wanted on top but someone else with the same rank didnt want that one first. So when i put his rank on top of the toher ranks, he goes first on the list on top of the owners, when we would like to ramain in the same order. 




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