System Tray notification badge differentiate mention vs unread messages.



  • Hawk

    AGREE I need this.

  • DarkLord

    Slack does this flawlessly. Mention = red, Message = blue.

    It's quite frustrating to not be able to differentiate this with Discord, I want to action mentions immediately whereas messages I want to catch up when I have some time to kill. I still want to know when there's unread messages, just want to be able to do it at my own pace, whereas mentions need immediate attention.

  • sensei

    has there been any follow-up to this? I agree, this is an agitating and easily fixable issue

  • Dagg Dibremi

    Yes please! Why does Discord think I am interested in reading every message posted on every server to which I am subscribed or own? The entire point of notifying me of messages when I have the Discord app closed to tray, is to let me know of something *in which I have high interest*.

    The #1 category of Things I Have High Interest In is when someone messages me or includes me directly in a post. Yes I want / need to know that.

    The #2 category is when I have deliberately set a server or channel to have new messages trigger the tray icon's state change. *Which is a feature Discord doesn't yet have btw. Hint hint*

    Other than that. any messages on any server/channel aren't important enough to trigger a desktop notification. They can wait until I decide I'd like to browse Discord for interesting messages in my subbed servers/channels. 

  • Kayzzen

    The notification in red should be shown only in private messages, mentions, friend requests and it is still adjusted to each channel of each server that the person participates.

    Splitting notifications between private messages, friend requests and mentions can be a good way to make identification easier, but correctly defining notifications is essential.

    But the community is requesting both as two features that I think as two as necessary and essential.

    Looking on google for this kind of request, too bad it's all spread out.

  • Micro fin

    I've been wanting this since 2017.
    Why is it so hard to get a notification for just private messages?

  • BillHenn

    With all the great things that Discord can do, this is one big stumbling block from me ever wanting to leave Slack.  Slack shows blue circles in the tray for channel message notifications and red circles if you're referenced directly or have a DM.

    Discord always shows red, so it's impossible to know if something really needs my attention or not.  This is a simple request that really should have been implemented years ago and would make the product much better.

  • kumamushi

    I really need this feature, as someone with ADHD. I'm in several servers and it's easy to get distracted when I don't know whether the dot means general activity or a direct mention. It's an accessibility issue.

  • Gazer75

    Really need this to change. The current notification is completely useless.
    As soon as someone post something in a channel the dot is back.

  • velw

    This really needs to change. Right now the "unread" notification really just means you're online and on a server. It's mindless.

  • lichen

    I somehow have the opposite problem. I only get badges for @everyone and @me messages. I  have a channel I want notified for everything for and can't seem to get it to do it.


  • Jack_McKalling

    This problem has been annoying me for years. I don't understand why this is still a problem.

    Slack has had the differentiation all this time, I still hope it gets fixed but decided to post here to bump the report.

  • mikfhan

    Impressive how this essential feature is still not implemented after several years. Please everyone, ask your friends and grandmother to Follow the initial message up top and massively upvote it by the ^ arrow - hopefully that way Discord staff notice our frustrated screaming eventually.

    Additionally, I have set all my subscribed servers to notify @mention only. Why on Earth will the app icon/badge show a red dot when non-mention chats arrive on servers I have specifically asked NOT to notify for this? Muting the server is not a workaround, since that mutes ALL notification (mention or otherwise) and ignores any category/channel exceptions.

    I can right click and mute every unimportant category on every non-muted server to alleviate some of these shortcomings, I know, but we are now in 2021 where this should not be necessary.

  • Fractos

    I hope this happens soon as it would be a huge usability increase.

  • Marek Pepke


    Please fix this already.

  • joeytwiddle

    Ditto. Such a fundamental feature, I don't understand why it has been so broken for all these years.

    (I always assumed I was missing something. But if I try every year to fix it, and still can't, then I think something must be wrong with the feature, or the way it's presented to the user.)

    I put my own rant about Discord notifications here:


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