Add the ability to require 2FA for certain roles in a server



  • Eabryt

    Yes please. We just had an issue with this last night where a moderator in my partnered server's account get hacked and kicked everyone they were able to + deleted channels and rolls and emojis.


    I don't want to force everyone in my server to use 2FA because that's a pain when you're trying to encourage everyone to come chat, but as much as I ask moderators to use it, the only way to enforce it would be forcing it on the role.

  • Sebastian Nielsen

    This already exist, you can in server moderation settings set so all admin actions require 2FA.


    I like the suggestion however, because you might want to lock specific VIP accounts (that have access to private channels where sensitive info is discussed) to require 2FA.

    So I would suggest that the "enable 2FA for admin actions" in server moderation tab should be removed, and instead replaced with a "Require 2FA for this role" inside the settings for a specific role.

    And if "Require 2FA for this role" is enabled, user has not 2FA enabled, and user has the role, the server will just pretend like the user did not have that role.


    If "Require 2FA for this role" is then set on @everyone, then user will need 2FA enabled on account (like double tableflip requires a verified phone number) to even connect to server.

  • Agent

    Absolutely. If a user has Administrator permissions, they should be able to enable 2FA Moderation.


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