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  • Evil Paragon

    Ignoring people is rude. But people do it. I don't want to be on the receiving end of rudeness, I'd rather play ignorant and assume they haven't read the message yet.

  • 💜📕┇KellelAgain07


  • Permanently deleted user

    Totally i have friends that are awful at answering my message (we use discord instead of texting) and it would be amazing to know if they have seen it and it could be like iMessage has it where it's a setting you can toggle but it is enabled by default


  • NickB

    This would literally cause fights and make a lot of people mad. 

  • DrMagnusW

    how would it? it could only be in DM's?

  • Remgax

    I think, this feature would be excelent.

  • 5n4keyes

    Just adding my opinion here but, as long as this is a feature you can toggle on and off, both server side and user side.. then this would be amazing! Discord sooo badly needs read receipts, it just helps communication to see who has actually had a chance to see your posts, and who hasn't yet.. and to clarify i think this should be on channel chats as well as DMs

  • Pingu

    I completely agree, this feature would be very useful. I've also run into many instances where I'm unsure if a friend hasn't read my message, is busy, or just doesn't want to respond to it. Sometimes I feel like I'm being buggy by asking them if they read it, and this feature would eliminate the need to ask. I'm sure it would help others in similar situations as well.

    For those concerned about lack of privacy, I think it may be best to have this feature set to off by default. Yes, that may mean it won't be as useful for people such as myself, but I could always ask a friend if they'd be willing to turn it on. I'm sure many of them would be completely fine with it.

    Also, I'm unsure if this is needed in channels (still willing to support if others think it's useful), but I absolutely support the feature for DMs.

  • undermaster.
    It can be cool and helpful sometimes but if they knew that you have read the message, they will involve you in the conversation which is pretty annoying sometimes.
  • mesub
    What happens if I've got a blocked user or a user I'm trying to avoid for personal reasons? Then what would happen?
  • hassen

    what you are saying doesnt have any meaning we want clean chats where there isn't any kind of mis understood between users if u feel like ur being ignored and want that option there's facebook chat room and servers u can go for it discord must stay as the way it is now 

  • ThatOneWhiteKnight

    This is a great idea, it reminds me of the like I think WhatsApp Chats, but then again the ticks are a way of showing someone saw your message but sometimes some people would rather not make it clear that they were there. For example if you were to ignore someone but want to at least read what they had to say. If you catch my drift.

  • tory

    Redditkyu elaborate then - what are they?

  • Toshinori Yagi

    Comment copied from

    This is a great idea, it reminds me of the like I think WhatsApp Chats, but then again the ticks are a way of showing someone saw your message but sometimes some people would rather not make it clear that they were there. For example if you were to ignore someone but want to at least read what they had to say. If you catch my drift.

    I think everyone or most of the people said this already but this was my answer to the one I commented on first
    It's all about privacy 

    P.S. I am on an alternate account so the one I copied from was me
    Edit: I realized this was merged with the older one

  • Emi.

    Oh god please implement this feature.

    I agree that there should be an option to turn it off for certain people or just in general.

    But at least those are decent enough people to keep it on can let people know what assholes they are if choosing to ignore you.

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    This topic has the fourth largest number of comments among the top voted topics!!  And the number of people following this topic (89) is right up there with the most highly voted topics.  But the topics that seem to get the most active attention from the Discord development team seem to be the ones with votes between 13,000 and 1,000   while this topic has 59 votes.  My guess is that topics that get a lot of votes must be driven by a user campaign - so maybe people who care about adding a read/seen functionality should suggest to other discord users that they add their votes.

  • LaKristi

    it would be nice if you can send voice messages to the chats... 

  • Methosu

    it must be added.

  • Some is not one
    Like I sent a message in my group, and two members in my group saw my message, so when I hover the mouse in my message I see who's saw my message and with their picture icon and their usernames, picture icons will appear down, and usernames will appear in box above the picture icons of their accounts. PS: *Sorry for bad English*.
  • Inno

    This actually sounds like a good idea

  • JustO

    I think it could be improved by it being an option you can turn on/off rather than just leaving it there left on

  • Pischki

    Yeah Finn that's how I had it in mind.

  • ᴋʀɪꜱᴛʏ ʙᴇᴀʀ

    One of the main reason I switched from messenger to discord is because they don't have the read and not read feature. It's annoying know others can stalk you. I read messages but often don't have time to reply till later, and people end up interpreting that as me ignoring them.

  • Pischki

    That's why I said it should be an option to toggle on/off

  • The Crate Depression

    I definitely want this for my D&D Discord servers. I want to know who's read my announcements about the date/time of our next game. I'd love to see it on @ mentions and @ group mentions (but not here and everyone mentions). That way I know which of @[myplayers] have seen that I had to move the game back an hour, or users can know if a mod has looked at their @mods complaint. If you're going to implement it on servers, please don't let users hide their read receipts from the server's mods.

  • test2

    To everyone saying "make it toggle off and on" I think you're missing the mark a little bit, here's why:

    You turn them on, but your friend doesn't. It then becomes an issue of "why don't you have read receipts turned on? are you ignoring me?"

    It doesn't fix the ACTUAL problem, of not having enough patience to wait for a reply from someone when they feel they are able to give one.

    Discord has added an invisible feature, because they understand people's right to privacy and taking space for themselves before coming online/replying. This feature suggestion is a step backwards from the direction they've already gone in.

    They already have emoji reactions so that people can react to a post without having to type a reply. Just make that a rule in your d&d servers or other business-like interactions.

  • Mortis/Doge

    I need this in my life.

  • Cyndana

    I would very much like to see this feature in DMs. I have a friend I message regularly who often sees messages but doesn't get a chance to respond right away. When we use Messenger, I can see my message was seen, so I know he's just busy. When we use Discord, I have no way of knowing if he's even seen the message. I have another friend who has major health issues & often reads but can't reply right away. With the ability to know if the message was at least seen, it would save a lot of worry.

  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    What kind of checkmark? Checkmark to read the messages?

  • jamesparsons

    Would love this feature if you can enable and disable it like WhatsApp.


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