Clearing Direct Message Option



  • Thorben

    Yes normally chat programs that let you delete messages, let you delete them also all at once, like Telegram.

  • Missandra

    2 years and no solution? Why?????

  • GigaPudding

    Why do they store our messages forever? this is ridiculous, not even by deleting the account you can get rid of the messages.

    I doubt Discord really cares about the users' needs, it's been years of us begging for this feature, which already exists in every other IM application and we still got nothing. Just make it so we can delete the whole chat history on our end like Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp/Twitter/Telegram/Skype does! It's been so many years, something could already have been done

    At least we should have SOME control over our information and choose what we want to see or get rid of. Just closing the DM isn't enough

  • AkiFosu

    To everyone still looking for a solution. There are tampermonkey scripts, they are absolutely safe (open source). It takes a bit of time but they will delete all of your messages, channel by channel. Just make sure to not close dms so that you have access to the channels in question. Don't trust Discord with your data.

  • Dude

    1) This feature should be mandatory to any messanger and it's ridiculous that it's not available in discord.

    2) To everyone who keep mentioning tampermonkey and other scripts which delete your messages: Sometimes it's not your own messages that you want to delete, but the ones you got from others. And yes, you can block people and their messages will become hidden, but there are situations when you don't want to block someone entirely.

    3) For some reason some people believe that this feature isn't added yet because discord profits by selling your personal info and deleting messages interferes with that. To those people: Even if discord does this, deleting your dms with someone has nothing to do with that. If they really need your dm history they can just keep it to themselves without showing it to users. I mean you can delete your own messages and deleting your dm history is not that different.

  • AkiFosu

    Dude you got no business deleting the messages of other people. Take your stupidity somewhere else. Use tampermonkey to delete your own stuff and be smarter in the future. Discord is an evil company.

  • Dude

    1) Rude
    2) Imagine a situation: Your friend dms you with some very disturbing picture, because they're stupid or a bit weird for example. You don't want to block them because they're your friend, but each time you go in your dms this picture is there. Shouldn't you be able to delete it? On your side at least. And in this situation, your beloved tempermonkey would be useless.

  • Саша Македонская

    I would like to have a option to completely clear direct messages with someone.


  • Виктор Шитов

    Необходимо ввести данный функционал. Это есть почти везде , нет почти только в дискорде. Очень нужная функция

  • ≿━༺❀Lona❀༻━≾

    Sadly, it is now February of 2021 and this is still a huge issue...Did you know that Twitter almost ended up in a legal battle because they used to not allow people to delete posts or messages in their DMs? I am not saying it will happen to Discord. But It is a possibility. Users should be able to Delete full DMs even if just on the deleter's side of the conversation. It can help with mental stability, cause say for example a couple who communitcate via Discord ends up having a terrible fight and breaking up. Anytime they want to check in on their EX lover they have to see the last messages sent to them before the breakup which can lead to depression or anxiety. As a person diaognosed with both of these and medicated for them aswell, I feel that an "Erase DM History" or "Clear All Messages" button should be an option in DMs or on Servers. "Clear All Messages" in a channel on a server would work better than using a bot...This is all my opinion and reasoning for wanting a DM History Clearer. Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a nice year.


    P.S. AkiFosu Dude

    I use the tampermonkey to delete mine but it was  very difficult for a Graphic Design student to figure out...It took me 3 days just  to get it to work. Also, please be sure to tell me how you feel  about my reasoning. Thanks Guys! ^^

  • Sierra-117

    Discord's privacy policy used to say nothing about the purpose of sharing data with their partners, so it will probably take them a while to implement, if they ever do. Whether they will is anyone's guess.

    It's ludicrous that do allow you to delete individual messages, but not entire conversations.


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