Clearing Direct Message Option



  • 504hgaming

    3 Years later and this is still an issue XD

  • Nay

    the whole "feedback has a huge impact behind what we add!!" seems like bullshit because people have wanted this for years now and it's still not a thing lmao...

  • luuucs

    Still unresolved?

  • hafsa


  • Bank

    could no agree more

  • angelar

    This problem doesn't exist with client-side chat logs. Hint hint Discord

  • FrancoBri'ishAI

    With the whole bot that friends you and spam adds you to gc's, we really need this.

    I'm gonna submit a request so maybe discord can remove them from my account cuz its almost 5k groupchats I was added to.

  • Kailash

    Just do it @ Discord

  • Kranek

    Please sort this out, it's a feature that seems really needed & basic

  • DownSadgeDoge

    So, after 3 years, has this been even looked at?

  • Tomm

    There is for us a temporary solution.

    Just clone the channel. Now you have an empty channel with all the settings it was previous on.
    Delete the old channel and problem solved

  • CarcinogenZ

    Tomm this thread is about private messages, there is no channel cloning or deleting in PM, you're thinking of servers man

  • ol;jhkghjxcg

    Man they really need to add this in case your friends account gets hacked and you don’t want them to see any personal info

  • Dwarkin

    Why it wasn't added? It's 2022, basically, every chat software has this function

  • EffKay9

    I wished a function like this as well. At least something that allows you to prune your messages older/newer than a certain date, instead of doing it manually by yourself.

  • ele121

    This will help us can you add it please its been 3 years on this request


  • capanga

    Please, please.

  • yamamah

    It can be a paid feature, a lot will pay for!

  • David Ursus

    This is still relevant today. I had a hiatus with a friend and I'd like to get some baggage out of the way.

  • Geneva Wilson

    With apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram allowing users to delete chat history with the push of a button, we should be able to do it on Discord as well 

  • Permanently deleted user

    Agree function should be

  • E/S>WildDogTwo (Альмир)

    Что тут все мусолят.

    Эта функцмя опрелеленно должна быть ради избегания всяких казусных моментов в жизни 

  • Akbulatov30000

    We need system like in telegram

  • Anon Ymous

    It's been over half a decade now and this change still hasn't been considered. This is literally the only chat app that actively avoids this. They also laid off 17% of their staff and have mentioned in their recent layoff post that they've yet to become profitable. Want to become profitable? Maybe listen to your users as well as adding features that could help reduce upkeep costs. 

  • Gogeta Au

    It's actually ridiculous how long this feature has been requested. Can we get an answer about why this is technically difficult to implement?

    Discord has absolutely gone downhill in the past few years. From deceptive marketing strategies around pushing nitro and making it easy to impulse-purchase gifts and nitro, to flashy images and visually manipulative strategies when purchasing  (the same strategies used by the gambling/slot machine industries). 

    Not to mention devs literally arguing with people and gaslighting them over how unintuitive the phone discord app used to be (insisting that it's not unintuitive). 

    Listen to your customer base or risk being replaced as the go-to messaging app in the coming years.


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