Please add "add ownership" to the option "transfer ownership"



  • kyoko

    you can add bots if you have the "manage server" permission or the "administrator" permission. Also two people shouldn't be the OWNER. the owner bypasses everything and can't be banned no matter what. if your friend doesn't use it much, he can either transfer ownership to you or tick the "administrator" permission on your role.

  • Mr.Mekdonigel

    Me and a friend are both the leaders of our clan and we have a discord. we should have the same permissions but he created the server and there only can be one owner. Please bing the option to not transfer ownership rather add ownership

  • Alexandra ×

    Only one account can be the owner. Multiple owners don't make sense in terms of hierachy. Consider making a new account which both of the owners have access to, and make that account the owner. The Coding Den has done it like that.

  • kiwiSpecial

    Sure, that can be done, Alexandra, but there are other use cases where what you suggested is not helpful. I'm also not sure I agree that "multiple owners don't make sense in terms of hierarchy." Sure it can.

    For instance, currently it only takes the single server owner a few clicks to nuke a server with absolutely no checks and balances. This may work for some servers, but in my gaming community, having a forced single owner is the only reason they have not moved from TS3 to Discord. If they had the ability to have "council ownership" over the server, then they would much more likely move here. This way when one of the owners tries to delete the server, they need to majority in order for it to pass.

    Another example is if the single owner goes AWOL, the server is screwed unless they meet a very specific set of criteria (server being public, 100+ members, and the owner has been absent for 30+ days). While I understand why this is done the way it is, it's a pain. Having multiple owners could alleviate this.

    I'm sure we've all seen instances where the server owner went rogue and nuked their server (or otherwise screwed members by going afk, etc). Giving flexibility like this to the administrators isn't a bad idea, in my opinion.

  • D'Ace

    I agree, discord should definitely include such a feature in future updates

  • D'Ace

    I agree, discord should definitely include such a feature in future updates

  • GokubaTV

    It would be great and would promote or support the cooperation

  • dabaldeagul

    give other owners all the permissions in existance with a role, and its the same as being a owner.


    transer of ownership already exists.

  • lepheeniks

    100% want this. Would make joint server ownership a lot safer and more secure for the co-owner parties.

  • Zen Svelte

    I completely agree. I'm a manager for a server with 500+ people, and myself along with 6 other people make up a sort of council that runs the server together. Obviously though, one person still has overall the ownership, which is why I suggested this.

  • lepheeniks

    Same boat. Me and a friend co-own two servers. One with just under 500 and one with around 250. We were talking about this issue with some other server owners yesterday which brought me here to suggest it. xd

  • Zen Svelte

    Yeah. This is definitely something discord should have

  • Zen Svelte

    Another part of it could be that the group can vote someone out if they felt the need to


    I know where you are coming from, but admin roles are fine in my opnion. :)

  • Daylongs

    I highly agree with this, obviously you’d need to be more specific with what it would do but a very nice idea

  • tAIMED

    So, this better be a thing! Discord is all about community, and if one wants to collide a bunch of small servers (with same purpose) to one big one and cooporate, this would be such big help. Right now with only one being the "Master owner", he/she can literally screw everybody over. And being that some are probably only knowing each other over the internet, some safety should be available, so nothing unfair happens.

    Discord might have some sort of hierarchy, in terms of role management. So why not also have democracy when it comes to server ownerships/leaderships?

    Let the current owner add more server owners, and if more than 3, let them have to vote if they want someone out.
    If someone tries to delete the server, the rest has to 2FA in order for that action to happen.
    Can't think of other things server owners can right now, but please add this feature. Or at least turn some focus to it. Maybe make a poll on your twitter about it

  • fluxed_

    Peef, I already did the suggestion, my one was a while ago but you could set a co owner of the server and if the event that you lost access to your account in a certain period of time the co owner could be acting server owner

  • Multiple ownership is a good and a bad ideea. Good ideea because if you are going somewhere and you can't access discord and you need a owner to solve problems in server, you will have one, two, I don't know how many you want. But the bad ideea is that you won't be able to remove it's owner (probably) and if it's owner and he/she doesn't like you, they may delete your server.
  • dweller

    This is a really smart idea, because unless you use better discord there is no way to tell admins apart, also I like the crown idea, I always struggle with multiple owners

  • index.ts
    what would they be able to do that they couldn’t do with Administrator?
  • hasankayra04

    that would be nice

  • ihsteffl

    Absolutly agree with that. This feature is absolutly missing.
    Best would be that you are able to add the ownership to a role.

  • TheCac


    Forgot to include importnant tihnfs


  • Potzerus

    what is impossible to do with a top level co owner role that would be possible with this feature?

  • TheCac

    Like configuring all the roles. And some other things i just can't remember rn

  • anand



    I think this would be a great idea! A Co-Owner could do anything an owner could do except delete the server. This would be most useful for when the co-owner needs to manage all the roles, including the top role.



  • Viktor

    Please add this, co owners are susceptible to being demoted below admin by whoever has ownership. Making any co owner servers susceptible to becoming dictatorships by having one untouchable admin be able to de-admin any and everyone. Co owners would not be allowed to de-ownership each other ensuring that there is equal power, responsibility, and safety/trust within the admin group that not one person can screw everyone over so easily.

  • Black Mega Therion

    This is a great suggestion, of course there will still be an option for single owner servers but this is a great idea for servers that have more than one person managing it.

  • MrMulk

    There's a huge element here that needs to be addressed: The impact this has on Discord Partner Servers.

    As it stands a server included in the Discord Partners Program can only have one "true owner" which is the only account that can receive the benefits of the Discord Partnership.

    This undermines servers like mine which have two or more co-owners who equally own and run the server, but I miss out on all the Partner benefits as they can only be tied to the "true owner" account. It may not sound like a big deal but in reality I'm missing out on a ton of benefits despite being an equal partner in terms of effort being put in.

    It's kinda messed up and I hope this gets fixed soon. I get that there has to be a limit, but allowing for 2 or even maybe 3 owners would be more than fair, specifically at least on Discord Partner Servers.

  • Philip™
    That would be great!

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